There are many mobile applications designed specifically for law enforcement officers, and even more that were intended for a more general audience, but that cops will find useful.

We've listed 24 of the apps below, including some from both the police and non-police market sectors. Also, view our photo gallery, "Smartphone Apps for LE," for 22 additional apps with screenshot images.

Not listed here are apps with information pertaining to specific jurisdictions, such as indexes of state laws, vehicle codes, etc. Search online to see if your state's or other jurisdiction's statutes have been coded into an app you can carry with you.

Area Codes and Zip Codes

Self-explanatory. Platform: iPhone.


Rifle sighting data and guide. Platform: iPhone.


Take photos with the iPhone camera without being obvious about it. Platform: iPhone.

Decibel Meter

Measure noise levels-useful for drivers with loud sound systems. Disclaimer: "for entertainment purposes only." Platform: iPhone.

Dragon Dictation

Voice-to-text app for dictation of memos, messages. Platform: iPhone.


Retrieves e-mail at preset intervals, reads messages to you, and allows you to reply by voice. Platform: iPhone, BlackBerry.

Emergency Distress Beacon

Send your GPS coordinates to a preset address with one touch. Platform: iPhone, Android.

Find My iPhone

Locate, lock and wipe your iPhone remotely if lost-now free. Platform: iPhone.

Google Earth

Detailed satellite imagery of any area in the world. Plan entry and exit routes, perimeter stations. Platform: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia/Symbian.


Looks like a connection to an online dating site, but when run, sends the GPS coordinates of your phone to a preset address. Anti-theft app. Platform: iPhone.


Symptom checker to determine if you or someone else needs medical attention. Platform: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile.[PAGEBREAK]

Knocking Live Video

Send live video from one phone to another. Platform: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android.

Mobile Arms for Glock

Info for Glock handgun enthusiasts. Platform: iPhone.

Most Wanted

FBI Most Wanted lists, other wanted persons, missing children. Platform: iPhone.


Access database of aircraft registration (N-) numbers. Platform: iPhone, Android.

Offender Locator

Locate registered sex offenders. Platform: iPhone, BlackBerry.


Password and confidential data app. Log into password-protected web sites without re-keying your password. Platform: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows MobilePalm, Nokia/Symbian.

Sit or Squat

Find a public restroom. Platform: iPhone, BlackBerry.

Spanish for Police Audio Phrasebook

Pre-recorded verbal commands and frequently used phrases. Platform: iPhone.

SureFire Shot Timer

Create a shot timer with your iPhone. Platform: iPhone.


Uses the bright photoflash LED on the iPhone 4 as a flashlight. Platform: iPhone.

U.S. Cop

Indexed references for accident investigation, case law, drugs of abuse, vehicle laws, others. Platform: iPhone.

Weather Channel

Watch live weather radar and have an updated forecast. Platform: Contact your wireless provider.

Wikipedia Mobile

Easy access to Wikipedia, the index of everything. Platform: iPhone.


Smartphone Apps for Cops

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