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Riverside Chief: Ex-LAPD Cop Is 'Depraved' and 'Cowardly'

February 07, 2013  | 

Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz. Screenshot via
Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz. Screenshot via

An ambush that left one Riverside (Calif.) Police officer dead and another wounded was a cowardly act of a depraved individual, Chief Sergio Diaz told reporters at a Thursday press conference.

Chief Diaz, himself a former LAPD officer, urged reporters not to publish the name of the two officers who were attacked early Thursday by former LAPD cop turned serial killer, Christopher Dorner.

The chief said the safety of officers' families could be at risk, because Dorner has made law enforcement families "fair game" in his rampage, the chief said. He allegedly killed a former LAPD colleague's daughter and her fiance in Irvine.

Dorner allegedly ambushed the two officers shortly after a shootout with LAPD officers in Corona. A wide-ranging manhunt involving local, state, and federal agencies is now underway. Dorner had published a manifesto airing his grievances against LAPD officers he blamed for his firing in 2009.

"My opinion of the suspect is unprintable," Chief Diaz said. "The manifesto I think speaks for itself in terms of evidence of a depraved and abandoned mind and heart, and the cowardly way that he ambushed your public servants speaks to his character."


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Ima Leprechaun @ 2/7/2013 9:07 PM

So Sad and I hope they catch him before he kills more people. Whatever set him off and he probably won't be taken alive from all the accidental shootings LAPD has already been involved in with this case but it does send this crazy guy the wrong message, that he has nothing to lose.

Jijm A @ 2/10/2013 6:13 PM

I am not a government or police conspiracy theorist. Don't make the Dorner issue about that. That is just plain nuts. There is certainly something wrong, but it all falls on Dorner. No self-respecting, psychologically sound officer - or even former officer - would ever go on the rampage like this. Killing innocent officers and their families is inexcusable. I can understand rage at those one holds "accountable" for his firing, but maybe the rage should be aimed at himself. There is probably more to the story and if someone were to dig deep into the files, they would likely find Dorner had other issues, he was fired for the last straw, and that is all we can know about. Don't make this about a helo crash, term limits, and population control. My eyes are completely open and I don't need to know about those theories.

driverx @ 2/12/2013 1:45 PM

I can't help but feel there is more to this story than meets the eye. Why would a man of honor, a Navy officer, a police officer go off the deep end and why all the media hype? I am not saying he didn't do it... Could he be the innocent hero framed to look evil? Especially considering the "recent incidents" somethings don't add up. We have a school shooting with conflicting reports and cover-ups, a movie theater shooting with conflicting reports and cover-ups, we have 20 dead Navy Seals in a helo crash that was now reportedly shot down, we have Kyle, Noveske, and Ratliff all mysteriously killed... And now Dorner... Hmmm. Plus the Government wants to eliminate term limits, control the population, abolish the 2nd Amendment and "change" the US Constitution. Remember your Oath, Open your Eyes... Something is wrong with this picture.

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