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NLEOMF Reconsiders Decision to Exclude Officer from Memorial

March 22, 2013  | 

Photo: POLICE file
Photo: POLICE file

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) agreed to delay a decision to leave a slain Wisconsin officer off the national police memorial because of the way she died, reports WISN.

The Memorial Fund has scheduled a meeting for April 3 to specifically address adding the name of Wauwatosa Police Officer Jennifer Sebena to the police memorial in Washington, D.C., the Wisconsin Professional Police Association told WISN.

Craig Floyd, chairman and CEO of NLEOMF, had issued a statement last week saying that more research is warranted and the fund would delay a decision until early 2014.

Floyd had told WISN on Wednesday that Sebena's name wouldn't be added to the wall because her death was a case of domestic violence. Jennifer's husband, Benjamin Sebena, 30, is accused of stalking her and shooting her to death on Christmas Eve while she was on duty.

Gov. Scott Walker, who lives in Wauwatosa, sent a letter to Floyd asking him to reconsider and Jim Palmer, executive director of the Wisconsin Police Association, called the decision "a travesty."

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Joshua @ 3/23/2013 8:23 PM

That's bs she was still a police officer who died on duty none the less

Bob Ingersoll @ 3/24/2013 10:45 AM

Total BS. This officer was on-duty at the time she was killed by her POS husband. This old school mindset has to change. Honor this brave officer and stop over thinking this stuff

w. Everts @ 3/25/2013 5:06 PM

That's crap this person was a police officer on duty when she was brutally slain. This Craig Floyd's position at NLEOMF should be seriously reevaluated.

Mark @ 3/25/2013 5:11 PM

Perhaps it is time for Mr. Floyd to step down. This decision is totally without merit. His opinion would exclude anyone who knew their killer. I cannot support an organization with such a short sighted individual at the helm.

John W @ 3/25/2013 5:12 PM

She was on duty and was killed by her crazy husband who stalk her. I believe she has to be place on the memorial because it is no difference then if it would have been somebody she didn't know. What if it happen to one of us male officers would be be denied.

CT LEO RET @ 3/25/2013 5:14 PM

Bob is correct, this is BS. She was on duty when she was killed by her POS husband. But, if she was killed by a stranger than it'd be ok? Officer Sebena's name needs to be on that memorial. The media reported that her husband was an Iraq vet dealing with ptsd, I hope he wasn't on any physco meds that effected his behavior. Those seem to making headlines these days with acts of violence commited by people taking these drugs or coming off of them.

Debbie @ 3/25/2013 5:21 PM

I'd like to see the reg - in writing- they are "referring" to - that would allow these civilian chairmen to make this decision. TOTAL crap - it does NOT matter WHO killed her - she was a police officer - on duty - doing her job when she was killed. Period. No decision to it. Chairman Floyd - are you LISTENING?

trays0 @ 3/25/2013 5:23 PM

Those wearing a badge are ALWAYS on duty. Rethink the amount of brain cells used to come to that conclusion.

Sgtbb48 @ 3/25/2013 5:26 PM

I agree with the other comments. Look no further than she was killed in the line of duty.

Jesse @ 3/25/2013 5:31 PM

Wow, Can't believe this organization would even think twice.. #1 she's a Police officer and #2 she was kill on the line of duty. I think she deserve it and not a second to think about, so it would've been ok for some other joe to drive by and shoot a police not a wife or husband... Common, I would no longer support this organization anymore. NYSP

Ronnie Butler @ 3/25/2013 5:33 PM

That chairman needs to be replaced for being stupid. She was gunned down on duty. It doesn't matter if it was her piece of crap husband or somebody else. They will never get another donation or anything else from me unless a change is made. I will also contact every police and military association I belong too and make them aware of thus injustice. Somebody needs to pull their head out of their ass and make this right. And yes, I am an active police officer with a civilian dept for the last 18 years and before that an Air Force Security Policeman for 21 years. Better get this RIGHT.

Stanley Harmon @ 3/25/2013 5:41 PM


Bernie @ 3/25/2013 5:44 PM

On duty while murdered....what is there to consider. Would we even be talking about this had she not know the killer? Add that warrior, my sister in blue to the wall of honor.

Mike @ 3/25/2013 5:58 PM

Add her name to the wall. This should not be a hard decision. I too would hate to have to stop supporting what I think is a great thing.

Ron @ 3/25/2013 6:13 PM

That's Bull Crap ! What if She had been next door, and a friend took Her life. Would they debate that ? This Officer was ON DUTY, no matter who ended Her life. And I am surprised the husband made it to incarveration in one piece !

Domingo Montoute-Howard @ 3/25/2013 6:16 PM

What is next? If an on duty police officer is killed by............C'om Man, stop it an place this fellow police officer on the wall of honor.

william G. Lang @ 3/25/2013 6:25 PM

The Point is She was a victim! And on duty when she was killed. Whats there to think about?. Really.

Dave Greeley @ 3/25/2013 6:40 PM

I was about to send in my yearly contribution but, I need to rethink it now. A police Officer is a Police Officer nothing else to it. This is a police officer that was shot while in her police car - period. There is nothing else to think about. Until this lady receives the tribute she deserves my check won't be coming. Everyone else should think about their contribution too!

Bob@Az. @ 3/25/2013 6:41 PM

Maybe NLEOMF should take a long, hard look at what their mission statement says and dump the pos that came up with this BS. This Officer died in uniform, on duty. Blues, Stay Safe.

Aaron @ 3/25/2013 6:44 PM

I too have withheld any further donations to the find until they make the correct decision.

Morgan R Rodney @ 3/25/2013 7:46 PM

Exclude her and you will also be excluding further contributions from me...

cops son @ 3/25/2013 7:50 PM

I think It Would Be A tragedy For Her Name Not To Be On The Wall.I Doesnt Matter How She Died On Duty.We Have Officers On The Wall From Health Issues,Car Accidents,Freak Accidents,Ect.. The Fact Of The Matter Is She Gave Her Life To A Violent Criminal Who She Took An Oath To Protect Us from

John @ 3/25/2013 8:10 PM

Sad Very SAd wonder how quick names would be put on that wall
if that was one of their loved ones.Prime example you can't fix Stupid.

Kenneth @ 3/25/2013 8:36 PM

This is stupid. She died on Duty. It doesn't matter how. The fact remains she died on duty. NLEOMF withhold her name and I will never make another donation. It isn't fair to withhold her name from the wall just because her husband stalked and killed her.

Shawn @ 3/25/2013 9:25 PM

For those upset, go to the NLEOMF website and "contact us" to send them an email. They should hear your voices. They represent us and our fallen brothers and sisters, not their own interests. This story is upsetting.

Craig @ 3/25/2013 9:54 PM

Shawn makes a good point, click "contact us" at NLEOMF website. I suggest you take it a step further, there are e-mail contacts for all of the Board of Directors and the staff at NLEOMF. Author one e-mail and copy and paste to each one of them RESPECTFULLY requesting that we honor this officer's sacrifice by placing her name on the wall.

DaveSAM5525G @ 3/26/2013 1:25 AM

She died doing what she took an oath to do serve the community she was shot down in cold blood! My BP is going up so leave it with this the one I am taking with me when I move on -"Honoring our Warriors" - "The blood our warriors shed, and have left upon the ground over the years of time, is the foundation upon which we stand, we walk, we build our homes and we raise our children. Never forget them, never take them for granted." "Red Thunder" - David Matheson.

Dwight @ 3/26/2013 2:15 AM

Come on folks, you all complain about citizens jumping to conclusions about your actions on duty, aren't you all doing the same thing in this case? NLEMF is looking at this and reconsidering their initial decision according to the article, which is good and it is good for them to hear your opinion, but calling for firings or not to support the memorial, really? Hundreds of officers names are added each year and how many times have you seen an issue, I for one prefer to ensure that is each name put on the wall should be veted. I would guess there is a lot more to the story and am willing to wait on the decision of the NLEMF decision. They do a great job for our profession and have been for many years, which I thing deserves us giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Alex @ 3/26/2013 4:52 AM

I wonder who else is a spouse abuser? Hmmmmmmm.

Bob @ VA @ 3/26/2013 4:56 AM

What an absurd decision. She was ambushed on duty in her duty vehicle. Doesn't matter who ambushed her. Is NLMEF saying that no officer who is ambushed deserves to be on the memorial, or that only those officers ambushed by people who didn't know their killer can be included? Didn't realize they were rating ambushed officers as worthy or unworthy of recognition based on who ambushed them.

John Denny @ 3/26/2013 4:59 AM

Come on,her name should be on the memorial . She was killed while on duty.

Duke Holtzman @ 3/26/2013 5:27 AM

She desrives to bo on the wall! Come on she died in the line of duty for GODS SAKE! Her POS husbond should rot in hell! Lets NOT GLORIFY this POS actions by keeping her off of the wall! What type of idot would do that!

Cpl. Dozier @ 3/26/2013 5:27 AM

First, She died in the line of duty. This cannot be disputed. She gave her life to lawenforcement. Now, someone is using the old famale and male statement. She was a cop and we don't treat our cops like this. It sickens my heart!

JB Gardner @ 3/26/2013 5:48 AM

That is wrong! She was killed on duty! She paid the price! She deserves to be on the wall!

Denny @ 3/26/2013 5:49 AM

What happened to the respect for a law enforcement officer she was one of many who was doing what they liked. Male or female she should be placed on the wall to be remembered by those she protected. HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR HER AND HER FAMILY.

Charles @ 3/26/2013 5:50 AM

Total BS. She deserves her place on the wall with all the other heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Has PC reared it's ugly head? This decision will surely call into question the credibility of the organization.

ChiefP @ 3/26/2013 6:04 AM

So tell me again how Craig Floyd got in a position to be the sole person making this call? Mr. Floyd if you read this forum or magazine this is from a person who would make an example out of your poor judgement and I would strongly reconsider you make a different call on this.

KENT ERICKSON @ 3/26/2013 6:27 AM

The relationship between the officer and the killer should be of no concern to anyone. An on-duty officer who is stalked, ambushed or lured to their death by ANYONE ELSE would have been approved without discussion, so why would the fact that it was her husband make any difference?

Sky @ 3/26/2013 7:01 AM

Doesn't make sense. If she was on duty and killed by someone other than her husband during a DV radio call she would be on wall. What difference does it make that the human that killed her was her husband. She is still a Victim and was an on duty LEO. The person making a decision not to include her should resign and find another line of work.

Alf @ 3/26/2013 7:45 AM

How and who killed her should not be the decision maker, but rather that she was wearing her shield at the time of her death representing her profession at the time.

oldcop @ 3/26/2013 8:25 AM

So I live in a small town know everyone. If I get shot in the line of duty I don't go on the wall. Piece of crap no donation from me.

Brian Kniskern @ 3/26/2013 9:06 AM

How sad that now that Floyd gets to decide how we should die to be remembered on the NLEOMF!!! She was wearing a badge, serving the public and MUST be placed on the memorial. Mr. Floyd, please remove you head from your backside.

wes crume @ 3/26/2013 9:54 AM

Surely, Craig Floyd has re-thought this issue....! If not, then he needs to be replaced.....WTF.....? A Police Officer was killed on duty, in uniform, by a criminal, doesn't matter if he was her husband. Talk about GALL....! Simple fix....add her to the memorial...add apologies for being a dumb ass....and ask for forgiveness. Show some remorse. Need I say more....? There is always black and white on issues...and then there is the color grey/gray...nothing is set in stone....I would be so embarrassed to have committed this grievous error.

tps7 @ 3/26/2013 11:21 AM

Place her name on the wall she was on duty when her dirt bag ex killed her. Still on duty not matter the reason it should be on the wall.

Dave @ 3/26/2013 1:19 PM

If she had shot him it would have been an officer involved shooting. She didn't, he shot her on duty. Thus it is an officer murdered while on duty. It is stupid to not put her on the memorial.

CJ Retired Peace Officer @ 3/26/2013 2:40 PM

This officer was on duty when she was slain. Is there any other criteria? More importantly, she was a victim of spousal abuse yet came to work each day dealing with others people's problems while suppressing her own. It also brings to light that police officers can be victims of domestic violence. I hope that Officer Sebena's case will encourage other officers to come forward who may be experiencing domestic violence in their own personal lives.

Chief Edward Anderson @ 3/26/2013 2:57 PM

It doesn't matter who killed her, she was on-duty at the time. The motve may have been personal, but how is that different from any other ambush of a Police officer. What would the answer be if the criminal scumbag was not identified? PUT HER ON THE WALL!!!

garyjansen @ 3/26/2013 3:36 PM

mayhersoulandallofthe theones who died rest in peace allman
gary j jansen

Aaron @ 3/26/2013 4:36 PM

Um why is this even a question up for debate? Put her name on the wall. May she rest in peace, thoughts and prayers to her and her family. Anyone know of a phone or email to the memorial that we can voice our opinon to?

Marshal Fine @ 3/27/2013 7:30 AM

She was murdered on duty by a criminal PERIOD. Put her on our wall. Thank you.

bob @ 3/27/2013 11:06 AM

I have been a contributor to the NLEOMF for a number of years and if this is the kind of decisions the CEO makes I will no longer be doing so. She was a LOE on duty what more needs to be said. PUT HER NAME WHERE IT BELONGS.

Tschako @ 3/27/2013 12:41 PM

I've been a donor to NLEOMF for about a decade. I have two close friends on that wall. If her name does not go on it, that will end my support entirely. Do you heare these comments NLEOMF?

CT LEO RET @ 3/27/2013 5:44 PM

I followed the suggestion of an earlier post. I went to NLEOMF's web site, clicked on "contact us", and emailed them about Officer Sebena. I hope it does some good. At least I tried to do something.

Trigger @ 4/1/2013 11:20 AM

I fail to see the reasoning, what difference does it make is an on duty officer is killed by some cold blooded street puke or by a husband that stalked her and killed her. Dead is dead

Jim LAPD retired @ 4/3/2013 9:53 AM

She was on duty and she was murdered put her on the memorial!!! Who cares who the suspect was it makes no difference!!

mrsmouse @ 4/4/2013 6:17 AM

Fire the guy who thinks the officer does not deserve to have her name added. It does not matter how she died or who killed her. She is an officer that died on duty. Respect that!

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