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Seattle Chief Tells Pot Users, 'Don't Embarrass Officers'

May 13, 2013  | 

Photo: POLICE file
Photo: POLICE file
Interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel told attendees of a pro-marijuana rally Saturday to avoid using it in front of police officers, following the state's legalization of the drug in November.

Chief Pugel spoke to attendees in the "smoking tent" of the Cannabis Freedom March, where his audience lighted up and munched on cannabis snacks, reports the Seattle Times.

"What I ask specifically, if they want to see it work, don't embarrass police officers," Pugel said, reported Fox News. "Do not use in front of police officers."

On Nov. 6, Washington voters legalized marijuana for recreational use inside the privacy of a home. Users can be cited for public use. In December, Seattle Police leaders told officers to issue verbal warnings for public marijuana use.

The decision to legalize marijuana has put the state at odds with federal law that still designates marijuana an illegal drug. The California Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that cities and other local municipalities can ban pot dispensaries.

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Troop @ 5/13/2013 3:48 PM

What a whacky world we now live in.

Jim A @ 5/13/2013 11:57 PM

More accurately, what a "whacked out" world we live in. I live in Washington. Public use is still illegal. Chief, why would you ever tell your officers to issue verbal warnings for illegally smoking MJ in public? Of course those idiots are going to blow smoke in your face! YOU asked for it!

I am still in shock over this vote. I can imagine that the 10-15% of those that smoke pot would vote for it. I just can't imagine that the other 45% (+/-) that voted for this are volunteering to be on the same highways as the smokers, willing to be in the same dangerous workplace as the smokers, are willing to have the pot smokers teach their kids - or babysit for them! IDIOTS. I recently gave a talk at a local church whose average age is 65-70 years old and had many of them tell me they had voted to pass the legalization of MJ. I could not believe it.

Do you know what liberalism and hemorrhoids have in common? They both hang out in the same place.

And we are circling the toilet bowl, ever-faster approaching the bottom. WTF.

Nichole @ 5/14/2013 4:02 AM

Jim A - They're the same people who are willing on the road with drunks, in the same dangerous workplace as alcoholics that drink on the job or go to work drunk, and allow alcoholics to teach their children. I think we've all known at least one or two teachers who were drinking or drunk while at school or college.

Lets not turn a blind eye to the fact that one "dangerous" substance is perfectly legal to do everywhere... and people abuse it, make stupid decisions with it, and ruin lives with it. I don't see you or anyone else on the planet on board for banning alcohol.

Arby @ 5/14/2013 5:51 AM

Nichole, what a simple point you make. We already have one substance that is dangerously abused, so why not have another one? How about heroin? What harm do heroin users do to anyone else when in the privacy of their own homes? Now we're up to three substances. Hmmm, certainly there must be more. Maybe I was blind but I never knew even one teacher who were either drinking or drunk at school or college. I don't doubt there were/are some, but it bites them in the butt eventually. As if the alcohol issue alone isn't enough, you certainly won't be bothered by the alcoholics and (now) the hop-heads who are trying to put together the very intricate operating systems on the commercial airliners being built out there. I won't stoop to name-calling because you may not actually be an idiot. Great imitation though.

Fed Cop @ 5/15/2013 7:22 AM

Arby, wake up. I live in San Francisco, and MJ is rampant. People are stoned walking the streets. You can't smoke cigarettes in public, but you can light up a joint anywhere you please (and they do). Heroin users in their homes?? REALLY? Get out more, and walk the streets. They're shooting up in alleys, in public restrooms, etc. We have them doing crystal in their cars for the drive home.

Arby @ 5/15/2013 7:48 AM

Fed Cop - I am well aware of what you are saying. Apparently Nichole is not and I was playing on her ignorance. She would argue for herion use in the privacy of the home according the logic of her MJ argument - even though that would be a disaster. And of course, they wouldn't use it just in their homes because as you said, they're doing it in the streets right now. I was trying to point out the farce in her argument. I guess I should've worded it better. Feel for your L/E folks in SF. Stay safe...

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