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Gunman Who Ambushed LAPD Officers at Traffic Light Shot and Killed

A gunman who ambushed officers with the Los Angeles Police Department was shot and killed by officers on Sunday night.

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NYPD Fires Officer Accused in Eric Garner's Death

Commissioner James O'Neill said that it was "an extremely difficult decision" to fire Officer Daniel Pantaleo.

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New CA Law Will Require Deadly Force to be "Necessary"

Under the new standard, prosecutors can also consider the actions both of officers and of the victim leading up to a deadly encounter, to determine whether the officer acted within the scope of law, policy and training.

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Life After Law Enforcement: Career Options for Former Police Officers

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Life After Law Enforcement: Career Options for Former Police Officers

In life after law enforcement, your skills will translate well to many different career fields. It’s worth considering the following career options.

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3 New York Police Officers Injured by Subjects Throwing Objects from Buildings

Three officers with the New York Police Department suffered non-life-threatening injuries over the weekend as anti-police mobs threw objects such as glass bottles and debris at them in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of the city.

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AG Barr: "We Must Have Zero Tolerance for Resisting Police"

AG Barr: "We Must Have Zero Tolerance for Resisting Police"

Attorney General William Barr said in a speech before the assembly at the Fraternal Order of Police Conference in New Orleans, "We must have zero tolerance for resisting police. This will save lives."

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Phoenix PD Implements New Gun Pointing Policy, Announces More Mental Health Training and Full Rollout of Body Cameras

Chief Williams said she expects the new "Pointed Gun at Person" (PGP) reports will help the department track how many times officers can de-escalate potentially deadly situations.

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Houston Motor Officer Struck, Suffers Non-Life-Threatening Injuries

A motor officer with the Houston Police Department was struck and injured by a pickup truck on Saturday night, leaving the officer with non-life-threatening injuries.

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Two pilots with the Omaha (NE) Police Department suffered minor injuries when the helicopter...

Nebraska Police Helicopter Crashes, Crewmembers Suffer Minor Injuries

Two pilots with the Omaha (NE) Police Department suffered minor injuries when the helicopter they were flying had a power loss as it was about to land.

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Sister of NYPD Officer Who Died By Suicide Says She Repeatedly Asked Department for Help

The sister of an officer with the New York Police Department who died by suicide last week told CBS News that she repeatedly contacted the agency to warn of her brother's failing mental health.

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2 Missouri Officers Lauded for Saving Man Stabbed in New Orleans

Two officers with the Kansas City Police Department attending the National Fraternal Order of Police Convention in New Orleans rushed to the aid of a man who had been stabbed in the chest by a panhandler late last week.

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California Sheriff's Office to Issue Patrol Rifles to Deputies at Large-Scale Events

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office announced on that some of its deputies will be armed with patrol rifles while staffing larg- scale events.

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