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Video: Ariz. Mayor Refuses Moment of Silence for Slain Phoenix Officer

March 05, 2014  | 

VIDEO: Ariz. Mayor Refuses Moment of Silence for Slain Phoenix Officer

Last night Mayor Jim Lane of Scottsdale, Ariz.—a Phoenix suburb—refused a request for a moment of silence for a Phoenix detective killed in the line of duty during a Monday afternoon shootout.

The incident took place during last night’s Scottsdale City Council meeting when a public speaker, whose own father was a cop murdered in the line of duty, asked for a moment of silence to honor Det. John Hobbs. Hobbs was killed and his partner critically wounded during an exchange of fire with an ex-con wanted for a recent murder.

Hobbs, a 21-year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department, was 43 and he left behind three young children and a wife. The story made national headlines because it seemed more like a scene from a movie, with chaotic gunfire exchanged in the middle of the day near a busy intersection in a major U.S. city, Judicial Watch reports. The Arizona Republic followed up with a profile of the murdered detective who, mortally wounded and his partner down, managed to return fire at the fugitive. The fugitive was killed in the shootout.

Judicial Watch contacted Mayor Lane about the incident and he explained the difference between members of the public speaking at city council meetings and requesting things such as a moment of silence for a fallen officer. "We can’t allow them to take control of the meeting," the mayor told JW. The public speaker could have just stood there silently during his allotted time, but Lane claims instead "he was directing the audience."

The moment of silence for Det. Hobbs was conducted at the meeting.


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Comments (26)

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Brian Beamish @ 3/5/2014 3:35 PM

What a shameful act perpetrated by a sitting Mayor. Mayor Lane is a disgrace his own rank and file must find it intolerable to work for him. His response is ridiculous; "We can't allow them to take control of the meeting". By them I can only assume he is referring to Mr. Aloisi and as far as taking control of the meeting; he (Aloisi) was asking for a moment of silence. Jim Lane shame on you how can you look at yourself in the mirror. As you sit in your ivory tower of an existence take notice it is the fine work of the law enforcement professionals and their sacrifice that allow you that privilege. Perhaps you could have taken a moment to honor a true hero!

Rocky Bailey @ 3/5/2014 3:50 PM

Mayor Jim Lane, you are a self serving coward and a disgrace as a leader. You typify weak, politicians.

Phil @ 3/5/2014 4:34 PM

you don't want them to control the meeting since when does a moment of silence control anything you are a yellow bellied Sap sucking liberal if I didn't hear that with my own ears I would have had a hard time believing that a mayor would say no to a moment of silence of a 21 year veteran of the plea for sue leave behind a wife and 3 kids and now they have to live with the fact that you said no to one minute 60 seconds of your life 60 Losi seconds really that's a damn shame that they're going to have to know that you as commander in chief of the police department that you would not give their father her husband 60 seconds of your time so people could pay their respects to a man that lay down his life after 21 years of pinning a badge on his chest and for texting the people in his town you included yes you included and you couldn't Honor him with 60 seconds pardon me but you're scum Phil

Lyns @ 3/5/2014 4:34 PM

Shame on him. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING human being and not a man.

Phil @ 3/5/2014 4:39 PM

sorry about that but that should not say texting it should say protecting. and at the top it should say 21 year veteran of the force not plea for sue gotta love that autocorrect

john @ 3/5/2014 7:45 PM

What a low life scum sucking piece of garbage. He is a typical politician. ..One of Obama's cronies.

Mark @ 3/5/2014 9:09 PM

A moment of silence is a long time isn't it? The mayor obviously had more important things on his agenda than respecting the life of one of our peacemakers.

Pat hill @ 3/5/2014 10:29 PM

Bull get this man out of office, a falling police officer out to protect all of us and you can't give a moment what is up with that,god be with the family of the police officer stupid mayor we will make sure you get Nothing

jtprice @ 3/5/2014 11:15 PM

Det. Hobbs and his family will be remembered in my prayers this evening, as well as all those that knew and loved him...Det. Hobbs I thank you for the time you spent keeping us safe

Jo @ 3/6/2014 7:50 AM

I thought I had heard it all, what a crock of BS. The mayor just lost a lot of votes in the coming election. This tribute should have been done at the opening of the meeting, no question. Hope you feel good Mr. Mayor.

SGT. York @ 3/6/2014 7:59 AM

I'll give you a moment of silence. R.I.P. My Brother in blue. To the Mayor, Karma is. bitch!!

Marie @ 3/6/2014 8:24 AM

Your article's very last words are that they did have a moment of silence for Hobbs. However you say nothing of how that came about. Why? I would like to know if the Mayor requested it or if it was another council member? If you're good at reporting then you would've included the entire story without slant/biases.

J Hansen @ 3/6/2014 8:46 AM

I suggest the dispatchers and officers have a long moment of silence when this Dick-tard calls for help one night... What a theft of oxygen this politician is...

Emilio F Fox @ 3/6/2014 3:20 PM

The mayor is a republican, so it is not likely he is one of Obama's cronies.

T. Gonzalez @ 3/6/2014 8:03 PM

The Mayor's response:I messed up, and I am deeply sorry.

I am sorry for handling the citizen’s request during public comment the way I did. I am sorry that we didn’t honor Det. Hobbs at the beginning of the meeting – to put it simply, I dropped the ball.

I recognize that my actions have offended police officers everywhere.

I am sorry that this story has taken attention away from the loss of Det. Hobbs and the wounding of his partner, Det. Casados. Their bravery and sacrifice should not take second place to anything.

I am mortified that the families of these courageous officers may have suffered one ounce of additional pain, or one more second of grief due to this.

While I absolutely meant no disrespect by choosing to allow the moment of silence at the end of the meeting as opposed to the beginning, I take full responsibility for my actions and offer my sincere apology for any heartache this has caused.

I will do everything I can to make up for my disrespectful misstep.

T. Gonzalez @ 3/6/2014 8:04 PM

Thank you for contacting me.


From: Tony Gonzalez
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2014 8:54 AM
To: Lane, Jim; Rodbell, Alan - 855
Subject: Your excuse is B.S.

Inappropriate? Really?



Ima Leprechaun @ 3/7/2014 1:53 AM

It's Arizona, the capitol of the crazy people what else would you expect.

fedtrnr @ 3/7/2014 4:20 AM

I see it in the Mayor's response, but if he was worried about "control" of the meeting, perhaps he should have stepped up and done the right thing at the start of the meeting and had the moment of silence as the very first order of business. All he did was the grown up version of the little kid's "It's my ball and if I can't play, I am going home." You can only have the moment of silence when I say so, not when appropriate. Was he really afraid of losing control of the meeting by giving in to a request for a moment of silence? What a coward. We are fortunate he is not out there with us every day making such pathetic decisions when there is real pressure on.

Do the world, and the people of Scottsdale in particular, a favor and quit now.

Jim B. @ 3/7/2014 7:18 AM

This is one of those things where I am as much puzzled as angry. I just can't understand why any elected official in this position would have responded this way. Even if you are someone who hates cops personally, it seems like you would inherently recognize the political damage you would suffer from refusing the request. Just makes me curious as to what, if any, back story there is to this.

Having said that, thanks T. Gonzales for posting the email from the mayor. I assume it is legitimate and I can accept the mayors apology. Who knows if it is truly heartfelt or not but I'll take it at face value.

Mike @ 3/7/2014 9:04 AM

It amazes me how public officials refer to their citizens as "they" and then to infer that you have to "control" them in order to keep them from taking over the meeting. The fact that he wouldn't allow a moment of silence for an officer killed in the line of duty at a public meeting, requested by a citizen of his community is like the king who who wants to keep the "serfs" in there place. The mayor didn't just drop the ball, he lacks in his makeup, the basic moral fiber that feels compassion for the loss of a loved one, and the sorrow felt by the family and community. He has no business being the mayor.

Chris @ 3/7/2014 9:14 AM

Mayor, Sorry a 21 year L.E. vet died in the line of duty and inconvenienced you. 60 seconds of you life was not worth the HONORABLE thing to do. "We can't let them"? what is that about. "THEM" pay your wage, which is much more hefty then the rest of us that are strapping on a firearm to go to work. I would say unbelievable, but in this time in our society it is all to common to hear. Rest in peace brother.

mike @ 3/7/2014 3:25 PM

What a disgrace. Plain and simple.

TOM Garvey @ 3/8/2014 12:21 AM

It is extremely difficult to judge how legitimate three I am sorrys, 1-I apology and 1-I take responsibility as being believable or too little too late. However you can not base an entire man's career on one magnified moment of heartless stupidly. Question to Tony; has he always had foot in mouth disease when it comes to our Profession?

vegas @ 3/13/2014 5:10 PM

What a worthless piece of garbage !
This is so wrong in many ways ... and his excuse is the worst.
This was a public meeting and he refers to "them" as the public and he can't let "them" get control.... WTF
Who does he think he is and who does he think elects him into office ...its "them" .
Not to mention the disrespect he gave to that fallen officer and dept.
I hope he is ran out of office very soon !

Jim B. @ 3/14/2014 8:06 AM

Everybody just take a breath for a moment. The mayor was obviously wrong, he has recognized that, admitted it and apologized. We don't know if the apology is sincere but we don't know that it's not. And what more do you expect him to do? People have to be allowed to screw up and make amends for crying out loud. Who among us hasn't screwed up on the job? Lost our temper on a traffic stop, said something to a victim or suspect we shouldn't have, or some other bone headed mistake? Do we really want to be crucified for those mistakes? Maybe we should moderate our response to the mayor a little bit? Cut him just a little slack? As TOM Garvey said, let's try not to judge him solely on one magnified moment.
To those griping about his statements regarding "controlling" the meeting: Have you ever attended a public meeting? Of course they have to control the agenda to some degree. Otherwise it devolves into a shouting match that lasts four hours. Again, lets try and stay fair and rational.

Heather K. @ 3/26/2014 5:41 AM

It is outrageous that the mayor initially denied the request for a moment of silence for the slain Phoenix police officer. The Scottsdale mayor should have immediately approved it, without hesitation. All of this discussion of having to be "in control" of the meeting is ridiculous. Yes, he later apologized but the damage had been done. Those in the hot seats of top political office need to stop worrying about what is politically correct and just do the right thing from the start. My prayers go out to the family of the fallen officer as well to his extended family of law enforcement officers of the Phoenix Police Department. I also send prayers out to the injured officer. I have attended public meetings in answer to the above reply.....Thank you.

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