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Controversy Surrounds Trayvon Martin Detective's Testimony

July 01, 2013  | 

Detective Chris Serino testifies Monday in the Trayvon Martin trial. Screenshot via The Count.
Detective Chris Serino testifies Monday in the Trayvon Martin trial. Screenshot via The Count.
Key witness Chris Serino, the Sanford (Fla.) Police Department’s lead investigator in the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, began his testimony in the George Zimmerman murder trial Monday afternoon.

Serino, the 25th witness called by the state, is expected to testify about how he called the events that unfolded the night of Feb. 26, 2012, "avoidable." He also interviewed Zimmerman in the aftermath of the shooting.

Serino had pursued manslaughter charges for Zimmerman, 29, for the Miami Gardens teen's death but the investigator's bosses rejected his recommendation. Serino later said he was pressured by black officers into filing charges and did not believe there was enough evidence to support charges. That shift in stance could raise questions about the credibility of the law-enforcement witness in the murder trial.

Read the full Miami Herald story.


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Comments (7)

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Tom Ret @ 7/1/2013 5:24 PM

This case was brought because of political considerations as the facts don't support the charge.

Jelly @ 7/2/2013 8:01 AM

Someone please help me understand this case. There are, unfortunately, young black men being killed in the streets of cities like Detroit, Chicago, D.C., and many other cities every night in this country. Why has this one received so much media attention? Why is it that the so called, “black leaders” flock to cases like this and not to the nightly murders of so many others? I truly think it is a shame that so many of our young kids, regardless of your race, are getting killed in such meaningless way. With a little help, guidance and education, many of these kids could be saved. So, why does this case get the attention? Why aren’t the Jacksons and the Sharptons of the world doing anything about the countless murders throughout our cities? One can only guess that the reason is for personal gain and not for the betterment of the black community. And if this is the case, why does the black community continue to listen to them? What a shame.

Doug M. @ 7/2/2013 9:41 AM

The behavior of the prosecutors in this case is shameful. I am ashamed to see filth like this in prosecution.

I have not followed the coverage closely, in part because I am so offended. Every time I see more coverage, I become more so. I think that there is ample evidence that this is a politically motivated frivolous prosecution. The prosecutors have been playing dirty games with discovery, concealing potentially exculpatory evidence being among the more flagrant misconduct. The sanctions issue related to at least one of those events has been reserved by the court, and if I were the judge, I would hammer the piss out of the prosecution if the evidence after the conclusion of that hearing supports what I have seen so far. I hope that the prosecutors get Bar complaints and hefty discipline for their actions. A long (multi-year) suspension would be unduly generous; disbarment should be on the table.

I've been doing this a long time, and these prosecutors are a disgrace, ranking up there with Nyfong and the AUSAs involved in the Stevens and Thompson prosecutions. I am ashamed as an attorney and prosecutor that these filth act as they have done. There is not and was not a solid basis in law or fact for the charges and it is readily apparent.

Duke Holtzman @ 7/2/2013 9:54 AM

If Zimmerman was black would there be pressure to prosacute him as there is now, with the same set of circumstances? I think not! Talk about descrmination. Everyone should be treated the same regardless of race etal. Is Zimmerman being treated the same as if he was black? I THINK NOT!! Political corectness? Racisum on their part NOT ZIMMERMANS!!!

Capt. Crunch @ 7/2/2013 10:53 AM

I also followed the coverage on the Zimmerman, case and from what I have seen so far I feel Zimmerman, should be set free. I think the prosecution is trying to convict this (victim) Zimmerman, just to prevent a riot. It is a crying shame that people in this date and age cannot get along.

Jason Washington @ 7/2/2013 2:01 PM

This case was political from the git go and should never have been brought. It was a clear case of self-defense by a man in fear for his life. The prosecution was brought (or "bought") by severe pressure from black bureaucrats and politicians and is an attempt to hurt Zimmerman in a hope to appease black "leaders." There have already been numerous threats of violence and riots if Zimmerman walks. The fact that the officer was threatened with demands of prosecution puts yet another coffin nail in the state's case. And absolutely "shoots dead" any claim of credibility the state or its witnesses. If this court has any integrity it will direct a verdict of not-guilty at the end of the prosecutors' "case."

Tom Ret @ 7/2/2013 8:36 PM

I haven't listened to every bit and tiddle of this case but a couple things seem evident. First, the prosecutor tries to make a significant issue of Zimmerman continuing to follow Martin while he is calling police attempting to keep track of Martin who he feels is acting suspiciously.
He doesn't want to hurt his case by mentioning that Martin could have
continued home and called police if he was bothered by someone following him. The prosecutor wants to convey that the injuries on Zimmerman were not significant enough for him to have shot Martin. Apparently, the prosecutor thinks that Zimmerman should have been near death before resorting to using his gun or not using it at all. There was no referee there and no neighbor present who was willing to intervene. The gun was the only means that kept Martin from continuing the assault once he had Zimmerman pinned. If the gun had not been used, would Martin have continued pummeling Zimmerman? In Zimmerman's mind he must have thought so and that no one was there to help him and he didn't know when or if the police would arrive. Once Martin saw the gun, Zimmerman's concerns were heightened. I find it laughable that those who say, including the lame medical examiner, who describe Zimmerman's injuries as insignificant from photos, would be willing to endue being pummeled as he was without resorting to a gun if they had one. It was evident that Zimmerman was the one yelling for help not Martin as he, Zimmerman, was the one being pummeled, on his back. I did not hear any evidence that Martin had any injuries other than the gunshot to the chest. If Martin was yelling after being shot, so what. The lame street media has reported this case in a biased manner from the get go irrespective of the facts.

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