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Police: Student Took LSD Before Ala. Campus Shooting

October 11, 2012  | 

Investigators say that a nude, 18-year old University of South Alabama freshman had taken LSD and assaulted others before a campus police officer fatally shot him early Saturday morning.

Gil Collar took the hallucinogen during the BayFest music festival prior to attacking two people in vehicles and attempting to bite a woman's arm, according to the Associated Press. Collar then went to campus police headquarters where he was shot by police officer Trevis Austin after allegedly rushing toward the officer in a fighting stance.

The incident has caused uproar on the USA campus, as some students have protested the deadly shooting, while others have supported the actions of campus police, reports the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, students have circulated a petition requesting the campus reevaluate training and issue less-lethal weapons at the campus police department. The petition, which started Tuesday , has already garnered 60 of the 100 requested signatures, reports the Birmingham News.


Ala. Campus Cop Shoots, Kills Student In 'Fighting Stance'

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michael @ 10/12/2012 7:46 PM

Dammed if you do, Dammed if you don't. Lets blame the police officer instead of the college kid who was under the influence and should have stayed away from drugs. It would have been nice if the PD had taser, but not all do. May the taser would not have been effective due to his state of mind and being under the influence? Maybe he would have taken the officers gun away from him and shot several people and himself before this incident came to an end. What if, maybe, we should have etc, etc, etc......we can always look for someone to blame. The real blame is the suspect for using narcotics. The officer did a good job and did what he had to do. No officer takes pride in taking someones life, but we also can't control everything going on and we do what we must.

Nichole @ 10/15/2012 4:21 AM

I agree with michael. There will always be somewhere to point the blame, and there will never be a true "right" that sits well with everyone.

The suspect is at fault for using drugs. End of discussion. And while less lethal weapons are great and all, they're not always effective... especially when you have someone hopped up on something as wicked as LSD and the like. You can never know if something like that is going to affect the usefulness of less lethal weapons.

It's a tragedy, and it shouldn't have happened, but I believe the police acted in an appropriate manner. This kid could've hurt and even killed more people before he came off his high. If he came off his high at all before ending his own life. You can't predict what drugs will do to a person.

Ima Leprechaun @ 10/16/2012 8:52 AM

From the video the officer did everything by the book. The officer tried to back away from the crazy guy until he got cornered. The Officer did exactly what he was trained to do and was completely justified. I tgoo would have been in fear for my life in that situation. The suspect got up after being shot in the chest and continued to close on the officer, proving just how determined and dangerous he was. Saddly the campus administrator figuratively threw the officer under a bus at the school press conference. The officer knew from past experience that a night stick or pepper spray was useless in this situation and all that would have done is expose the officers weapon to the suspect. The parents are to blame here when they admitted via their attorney in a press conference their son had mental problems and they had never tried to help him. Just a little help from Mom and Dad could have prevented this whole mess.

Ima Leprechaun @ 10/16/2012 8:54 AM

One note: a taser would have been completely useless since the suspect was naked and there was nothing for the little hooks to adhere to.

Roscoe @ 10/20/2012 3:17 PM

To "ima leprachaun"- The probes (not "little hooks") fired from a Taser cartridge are designed to penetrate clothing and lodge in the skin of the suspect. Thus, with no clothing, there would likely be better contact, since the probes would not have to penetrate clothing first.

With that said: No tools is 100% effective or foolproof. The Officer made a split second decision to protect the lives of himself, and others. The fact that this suspect was naked and exhibiting signs of excited delirium should cause anyone to fear for their life. Justified. Don't use LSD and attack people. End of story.

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