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Police Union Warns Visitors About 'War-Like' Detroit

October 08, 2012  | 

As the Detroit Tigers got ready to host the Oakland Athletics for playoff baseball, the city's police union warned visitors about the city's "war like" atmosphere, high crime rate, and low police morale.

Detroit Police Department officers participated in an "Enter at Your Own Risk" rally outside the Tigers' Comerica Park on Saturday, before Justin Verlander silenced the Oakland bats.

"Detroit is America's most violent city, its homicide rate is the highest in the country and yet the Detroit Police Department is grossly understaffed," Detroit Police Officer Association (DPOA) Attorney Donato Iorio told WWJ. "The DPOA believes that there is a war in Detroit, but there should be a war on crime, not a war on its officers."

According to the FBI, Detroit has the nation's second highest violent crime rate behind Flint, Mich.


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[email protected] @ 10/8/2012 3:36 PM

Hey, nice going Detroit! Nice how things are really working under the great leadership of your mayor bing. Fewer cops, more gangs, more violence and your still behind Flint in murders? Wouldn't want to be on the job in that city. Blues, stay safe.

Sgt. in Flint @ 10/8/2012 4:21 PM

I'm on the job in Flint and you couldn't get me to work in Detroit.

Flint has high crime because the people refuse to help convict the drug dealers and gang bangers. Most of the murders are followups from a murder the previous day or week. We actually have a guy who operates a customized RIP t-shirt business.

Detroit is just a scewed up totally corrupt cesspool. The police chief just resigned for a sex case with an officer in internal affairs. The former mayor is on trial in Federal Court for corruption, and the county executive, who was formerly the sheriff, is under fire for corruption on his staff.

John @ 10/8/2012 6:32 PM

Once in the legislative building, I overheard a trooper talking with my supervisor. The trooper mentioned he had been a Detroit Police Officer. Joking, I asked him how many times he has been shot. He responded,"once". I said, "is that all". He replied, "that was enough".

Northern Trooper @ 10/8/2012 7:10 PM

Sgt in Flint is right. Thugs in office in Detroit can make it tough to figure out who the bad guys are.

michael @ 10/8/2012 11:23 PM

What a wonderful place to live and work. The City Admin. are completely clueless on how to fix this shit hole.............Thats what happens when you keep cutting back on LEO and don't support the officers you have. The scumbags, gang bangers, wannabe POS, bikers etc.....ZERO TOLERANCE for everyone and everything. You keep it up until you take back the city from these "citizens".......And let them know. You can go to jail, be put in the ground or clean up your act, we real don't care.
It may be the time for "Marshal Law" and there are more cities like this across our country.

scpdblue @ 10/9/2012 5:53 AM

Its time to declare "Marshal LAW' Bring in the feds,the state police and the national guard. Use the stadium as a holding area. Put a ring around the city and move in until the city is cleaned out,from city hall to the war zone projects. Bulldoze the those war zone projects all abandon houses ,cut back on free heath care,food stamps,and free housing.Only the senior citizens and the REALLY handicapped will get those benefits.The rest will be on a case by case basis and done by a independent benefit group. No more generational welfare.Tell the NAACP and the ACLU to sit on it.

Gary @ 10/9/2012 6:14 AM

Maybe we can get obummer to visit there, without is SS protection. He can hold a wally, give one of his infamous speeches, and tell the low lifes how he's going to give them more. But wait, he can't, cause he gave to it 1.5 million illegals that he made legal. He would fit right in with the rest of corrupt politicians. Totally back the Marshal Law action before our brothers in blue get hurt. Someone in Detroit should tell obummer to stop the welfare b.s., except for the seniors and hadicapped, and give to monies to the police. He can execute one of his "Executive Orders".

Don h @ 10/9/2012 7:38 AM

The corruption in this town is worse than the roaring 20's. We go from one crook to another, to another. The city offered police officers houses at ridiculously low prices to get them to move back into the city. Only two took them up on it.

OAK Cop @ 10/10/2012 7:46 AM

High crime, no cop, cut backs on LEO funding? Sounds like Oakland, CA. Mayor Quan isn't corroupt as far as I can tell, but she doesn't support OPD, and does support the Occuturds

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