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Psychiatrist Warned U. of Colo. About Accused Shooter

August 02, 2012  | 

Officials at the University of Colorado Denver reportedly didn't follow up on warnings that accused theater shooter James Holmes was potentially dangerous. The school also sent e-mail to the campus community instructing them not to speak to the media in the wake of the July 20 massacre.

Dr. Lynne Fenton, Holmes' psychiatrist, warned the university's Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment (BETA) team in June that he could be dangerous, Fox News reports. However, before any action was taken, Holmes dropped out of the school's graduate neuroscience program.

In the hours after Holmes allegedly killed 12 people in a theater in Aurora, Colo., school officials hid the neuroscience program's web pages behind a campus firewall and told students, faculty and staff to refer reporters to the school press office, the Associated Press reports. After the initial e-mail thanking them for not speaking to reporters, officials sent a follow-up e-mail stating that, "It is your right to speak to whomever you wish."


Colo. Gun Range Owner: James Holmes Was 'Creepy, Weird'

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[email protected] @ 8/2/2012 2:36 PM

Sure says alot about the people running our "schools of higher education". Wonder how many other incidents the Law Enforcement Community never heard about....

TripWire @ 8/2/2012 9:14 PM

There is an awful lot of "Monday Morning" quarterbacking going on since the shooting,, if there were reports of every person who acts "weird", there would be way too much to follow up on and no real information to work it. Not to mention having to shred the Constitution in the process in order to keep any weapons from POSSIBLY ending up in the wrong persons hands. This is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets settled back down and we are going to be exactly where we were before the shooting. Common sense laws that don't infringe on peoples' rights are what we need not draconian laws and procedures that don't do anything but keep officers off the streets. When are the people and the politicians going to understand that CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW LAWS.

Billy @ 8/2/2012 9:42 PM

Here we go again; nutcase goes on a shooting rampage...nobody suspected anything or knew anything about him until he killed umpteen people...later the truth comes out, somebody did know, but didn't say anything until it was way too late. U of C Denver is not the first school to do this and unfortuanately, they won't be the last. I treasure my freedom as much as anyone, but when a professional psychiatrist says somebody is dangerous, it needs to be reported and put this person on a confidential "watch-list" like we do suspected terrorists that try to get on an airplane. If this person had been scrutinized a bit somebody might have noticed that he was stockpiling weapons and ammunition. The politicians have it all wrong, we don't need more gun control we need nut control.

Tom @ 8/4/2012 7:00 PM

First the politicians passed HIPPA to hide the health and psych records then the politicians passed FERPA to prevent sharing data about students that are of potential threat but not arrested...Then they said you can't check on an illegal alien's status unless you arrest them and then only to protect the illegal's embassy notification rights...some high ranking politicians don't want you to check ID's on potentially illegal voters but they want anyone in their spectators gallery's ID checked 7 ways to Sunday...Seems like politicians create the problems but want to protect themselves from the laws they create...That's why they have exempted themselves in the federal legislative and executive branches from so many of the laws they create. Politicians seem to be the problem.

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