A Lesson in Police Leadership: How Polk County Sheriff’s Office Optimizes Speech Technology to Drive Productivity

Updated May 26, 2020
Storie 1

It’s the job of police leadership to create the vision and drive a positive culture that prepares an organization to spot opportunities, embrace change, and ultimately to ensure every sworn member of the agency can optimize technology. Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Winter Haven, FL, is an exemplar of upholding this standard, and their approach to intelligently adopting technology for active police work is a prime example.

During this on-demand webinar, Captain Terry Storie, who leads Polk County Sheriff Office’s field and management training, relates the best practices Polk County employs to plan for and implement cutting edge technology – including their integration of Nuance Communication’s speech recognition technology into their incident reporting process. This session explores some essential best practices applicable to any law enforcement organization.

  • How Polk’s leadership has driven a progressive culture empowering all employees to spot opportunities aligned to their mission, take intelligent risks, and feel confident raising ideas to leadership
  • Transforming a mundane activity, like police reporting, into a value-added process that pays continuous dividends to the agency
  • Creating “win-win” partnerships with key vendors where mutual investment and energy is invested in understanding each other’s businesses and driving optimal results


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