Why Watertown Police Investigators Implemented Speech Recognition Technology

Updated Jun 16, 2020
Macneil 2

Like many investigative departments, the Watertown, Massachusetts police always seek new and innovative ways to leverage technology as a “force multiplier” to quickly and accurately complete mission-critical documentation that may aid taking a perpetrator off the street. In an era of finite budgets – underscored by the current COVID-19 pandemic – new challenges have arisen with traditional booking procedures that spotlight report automation as one avenue to drive departmental efficiency and effectiveness.

During this on-demand webinar, Watertown Police Detective Dave MacNeil and Nuance Communications discuss the “how” and “why” Watertown PD integrated speech recognition into their general patrol and investigative units.

Detective MacNeil explains:

  • The drivers initially leading Watertown PD to explore speech recognition
  • How report automation fostered creative solutions to COVID-19 administrative challenges
  • How speech recognition has driven standards and improved their reporting processes
  • The impacts on officer safety, morale, and job satisfaction


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