Under Pressure: How to Help Officers Manage Stress

Updated Feb 2, 2021

In today’s highly charged and volatile environment, officers are under more pressure than ever. And, not surprisingly, it shows.Because of this stress, officers are experiencing significant physical problems—including obesity, sleeplessness, and even cancer.

The psychological toll is just as high with burnout and depression among the long-term cost.In this informative webinar, sponsored by Vector Solutions, Retired Police Chief William Harvey will walk attendees through:

  • What is officer-related stress?
  • How can you spot it when it occurs?
  • What to do if your officers are under significant stress?
  • What practical tools you can give your officers tools to manage their stress?

Stress might be part of the job, but it shouldn’t have to control officers’ lives. However, left unchecked it could cost departments, good officers, due to departure from the force and even termination and the cities they serve potential liability. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to learn how you can combat this growing officer crisis.

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