Retaining Great Police Professionals by Training Great Police Professionals

Across the United States in the two years since the danerous and damaging "Summer of Love" riots - that reportedly caused an estimated $2 Billion in property damage and cost as many as 18 lives in at least 140 cities - countless numbers of officers have left their police agencies for other employment opportunities in law enforcement or abandoned the profession altogether. Consequently, law enforcement leaders sought to find new ways to retain the officers in their departments. 

One compelling solution is to provide the best training possible. Now only does this best equip the police on the streets to meet new and changing challenges, but it incentivizes people to stay and better themselves and their careers.

Join us on Thursday, July 28th for a webinar - presented by Vector Solutions -  during which law enforcement leaders and training experts will address how agencies can simultaneously increase job satisfaction and improve retention by creating and keeping excellence in the ranks. 

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