Developing, Implementing, and Managing a Streamlined Training Plan

Updated Jan 19, 2023


The end of the year is quickly approaching. As you begin preparing for the new year, imagine if you had a tool to streamline your training program to help save time and ensure your officers are fully trained and compliant to be successful? 

Vector Solutions’ purpose-built technology was designed for law enforcement departments to alleviate administrative burdens and carve back a little bit of time of the limited hours departments have to help meet demanding training requirements and preparedness objectives. 

Join us for this upcoming webinar to learn how you can utilize our industry-leading training management system to simplify and streamline your department’s training with integrated applications to deliver and track all critical online and scenario-based training, DORs, annual training requirements, policies, and professional development in one place.

During the webinar presentation, we’ll discuss:

  • How to deliver Vector Solutions’ accredited online training courses, including IADLEST NCP certified courses, to prepare officers for in-person training
  • How to record live field and scenario-based training to measure competencies and identify areas of improvement
  • How to monitor progress and notify supervisors of upcoming expirations and due dates to save time and hold officers accountable
  • How to leverage the Vector training platform to review what worked and what didn’t work to aid in future planning of yearly training objectives
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