APX NEXT™: A Smart Radio Built by Public Safety for Public Safety

On any given day, public safety personnel come face-to-face with situations that are volatile and chaotic. During these high-stress and sometimes dire circumstances, being able to call for help can be the difference between life and death. Your radio is your lifeline.


On any given day, public safety personnel come face-to-face with situations that are volatile and chaotic. During these high-stress and sometimes dire circumstances, being able to call for help can be the difference between life and death. Your radio is your lifeline. The APX NEXT P25 All-Band Smart Radio is our next step in advancing it. A radio that works when you need it, without distraction or doubt. Explore the features of the smart radio built by public safety for public safety.

Mission Critical Design

Built ultra-rugged, inside and out

  • Designed to military standards for intrinsic ruggedness
  • Alloy endoskeleton maintains the integrity of the radio, even if the housing is damaged

Clearly better audio

  • Dual-sided Adaptive Audio noise suppression tames unpredictable background noise
  • Two new digital microphones enable personnel to hear and be heard in any situation or environment
  • A high acoustic overload point and audio leveling on receive allows users to focus on their transmissions without needing to worry about audio level inputs distorting transmissions

Long-lasting battery life

  • Increased standard and extended battery sizes keep your radio powered for up to 1 hours
  • Dual battery latches give maximum reliability and are widely-spaced for easy replacement

SmartTouch Natural User Interface


For technology to really be there when you need it, it has to be more than just operational – it needs to be effortless to use in even the most chaotic situations. APX NEXT is designed for effortless usability when everything is on the line. Every interaction is simple, fast and logical within the user interface so you can stay focused on what matters – your mission and your safety.

Ruggedized Touchscreen

  • Ultra-rugged, mission-critical toughened glass touchscreen supported from underneath by a rigid stainless steel plate is designed for all-weather use, with a transflective display for indoor and outdoor readability
  • Heavy-duty digitizer recognizes touches even through gloves, while rejecting false touches from the elements

High Velocity Design

  • Large, intuitive knobs and buttons are easily distinguishable by touch and designed to minimize accidental activations
  • Shallow menu structure – with a maximum menu depth of three – speeds up navigation


  • Voice controls enable radio operation using more than 85 natural language commands – helping maintain eyes-up awareness
  • ViQi button allows for quick access to voice controls – enabling officers to perform 14 actions including changing channels and adjusting volume without breaking focus

Streamlined Ownership Experience

Behind first responders, stands a team working to keep them safe – from technicians to IT staff to network engineers. For public safety personnel – every second counts and time is a critical asset. APX NEXT gives back time with its streamlined ownership experience – so your valuable resources stay focused and ready.


  • Centralized programming provides flexible, efficient control for all of your radios while streamlining routine tasks
  • Cloud-based radio management enables devices to be programmed without ever handling them – so you can send them directly to your team


  • Cloud-based programming dramatically reduces the time and resources needed to provision and update your radio fleet
  • Radio updates are immediately implemented over broadband LTE – so your devices stay in the field

Managed and Support Services

  • Three different service tiers let you choose the level of support that’s right for your organization
  • Technical support and system operations management keep your system at peak performance, keeping up with new enhancements and reducing risk

Mobile Connection to Intelligence

When you’re in the field, you need access to information – fast. With APX NEXT, we’re bringing new intelligence to the field and directly into your hands with mission-critical applications built exclusively for public safety.


  • Simple audio prompts and public-safety specific terminology enables you to use your voice to access critical information including database searches and license plate checks
  • Secure cloud service contains speech-to-text, query and text-to-speech capabilities – for fast, secure and eyes-up intelligence


  • Automatic switching between P25 and broadband LTE maintains voice communications regardless of coverage
  • P25 packet routing preserves your authentication, status, talkgroups and encryption without interruptions or resets


  • Cutting-edge location routing services sends your radio location data over broadband LTE for increased accuracy and efficiency
  • Broadband LTE connectivity radically improves location refresh rates and expands the number of devices that can be tracked simultaneously

Public Safety Applications Platform

  • First-of-its-kind platform enables applications to augment data from across the public safety landscape – including radio, broadband, video, public and private data sources – and delivers it to first responders
  • Application foundation is designed to allow new capabilities and functionalities to be seamlessly added

Your First-Instinct, End-to-End Solution

Your radio is your “first-instinct tool” – connecting you to the right information at exactly the right time.

 “In public safety, your radio has always been your lifeline. In your moment of distress, the first thing you reach for is something to defend yourself and something to call for help. Radio’s always been that thing. Taking that first instinct tool and enhancing it just gives you that much more capability to do what you need to do.” - Adam Brickeen, Communications Chief and IT Security Chief – Real Time Crime Center, New Orleans

APX NEXT redefines what a radio can do. Because when time is of the essence and failure is not an option – maintaining your focus is critical. Learn more about today’s smart radio and contact us.