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Returning To Duty

Georgia Officer Shot in Head in 2018 Returns to Duty

Officer Matt Cooper Covington (GA) Police Department—who was shot in the head in a 2018 shooting—has returned to work.

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Maryland Officer Shot a Year Ago Returns to Duty

Officer First Class T. Hays—a fifth-generation police officer and a 15-year veteran—has returned to duty after being shot one year ago.

Texas Officer Injured in 2019 Traffic Collision Returns to Full Duty

An officer with the Lufkin (TX) Police Department has returned to full duty after recovering from injuries sustained when an SUV struck him in May 2019.

North Carolina Officer Returns to Duty 1 Year After Being Shot

Officer Charles Ainsworth—who was shot multiple times as he was responding to a stolen vehicle call in January of last year—has returned to duty.

Video: Injured Miami Officer Learning to Walk Again

A City of Miami, FL, police officer who lost both legs and nearly lost his life in a motorcycle crash in February is making great progress on his road to recovery. He hopes to return to duty on the prosthetic legs he's learning to walk with.

NC Deputy Returns to Duty 10 Months After Being Shot in Face, Vest

“It has taken a lot of determination and commitment over the last 10 months” to recuperate, Cook said. “I am happy to say I am back to work, full duty and able to continue serving the citizens of Harnett County.” Except from some permanent nerve damage, Cook said he is fully recovered.

Illinois Officer Diagnosed with Brain Cancer Returns to Duty

The department welcomed Officer P.J. Ginn back on duty with a surprise party at a local gymnasium.

Massachusetts Officer Struck by Car in February Returns to Duty

Officer Luis Santos with the Auburn (MA) Police Department has returned to duty, according to a post on the Auburn Police Association Facebook page.

Texas Officer Returns to Duty Two Years After Being Shot Multiple Times

The Fort Worth (TX) Police Department announced on its Facebook page that Officer Xavier Serrano — who was shot while responding to a call of shots fired two years ago — has returned to duty.

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CA Deputy Returns to Duty 2 Years After Being Shot

"I felt each bullet except the one on my side when I fell I thought I actually got punched in the side it happened so fast," Deputy Mirelez said. "If I lost enough blood I was going to become unconscious and most likely die and I thought to myself the best thing to do is stay calm." More Here.