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Assaults on Officers

New York Officer Attacked on Subway by Assailant Swinging a Scooter

A man reportedly jumped a turnstile at a New York subway station and was approached by police officers before attacking the officers, swinging a scooter and striking one of the officers.

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LA Task Force Chasing Suspects Who Tried to Kill Officers During Riots

During a Monday press conference, the Safe L.A. Task Force reported that it is seeking information on suspects accused of committing five cases of attempted murder of officers, 139 assaults on officers and civilians, 14 batteries on officers, and 10 arson crimes.

Man In Custody After Reportedly Striking Tennessee Officer With Vehicle

Court records show that Allen had premeditated an attack on a police officer with his vehicle, saying in a text message prior to the incident, "I'm going to run a cop over I think."

NYPD Finds Cement Ice Cream at Protest

The department has also warned of concrete-filled tennis balls and water bottles, and Commissioner Dermot Shea has said that looters are strategically stashing bricks prior to protests.

Video: St. Louis Officer Says He and Other Police Came Under Heavy Gunfire in Monday Riots

“We had to pull a police car down and get behind the engine block. We had to move some dumpsters into the street to take cover,” he said. “We had some concrete barricades and barriers, I guess from a loading dock, and then we were using brick structures that were holding a fence," he says.

Pennsylvania Officer Responding to Domestic Dispute Assaulted by Subject

An officer with the Wilson Borough (PA) Police Department was struck in the head by a combative subject who was attempting to assault another man during a domestic incident.

Baltimore Officer Shot and Saved by Armor, Suspect at Large

The commissioner said the officer's body armor prevented more serious injury. "I have spoken with (Shock Trauma Physician-in-Chief Dr. Thomas) Scalea, who has given a good report and said the officer is well, that the bullet likely grazed the side of his abdomen and went in and out (did) not hit any organs," Harrison said.

2 Charged in Shooting and Wounding of Michigan Officer

Kobe Falls, of Monroe, and Kordney McDonald, of Ypsilanti, are both facing multiple charges in the case. They were arraigned Tuesday via video conference in Michigan's 1st District Court.

Two Virginia Officers Stabbed in Weekend Melee

Two officers with the Suffolk (VA) Police Department were among four people stabbed on Sunday night.

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United Kingdom Man Jailed for Spitting in Face of Officer Claiming COVID-19

A man who spat in a police officer's face in Croydon Crown Court in south London and lied about having Coronavirus said he did it because he was "stressed."