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Point of Law: Using Pole Cameras for Surveillance
Point of Law: Training is No Laughing Matter
Point of Law: Excessive Force and Failure to Intervene
Editorial: Attacking Qualified Immunity
Should Your Agency Resurrect the Use-of-Force Continuum?
Point of Law: Using the Baton

Point of Law: Using the Baton

Your agency's use-of-force policy needs to specify when the baton can be used, the legal justification for its use, and what to do afterward.

August 3, 2020

The Law and the LEOSA Carry Right

The Law and the LEOSA Carry Right

The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act says that officers and retired officers can carry concealed in all areas of the United States. But it's not that simple.

July 1, 2020

Know the Limits of Your First Amendment Rights
Using Electronic Control Weapons

Using Electronic Control Weapons

Your agency's policy needs to specify in what situations ECWs can be used and the responsibilities of officers for gathering evidence after use.

March 27, 2020

Tactics and Training: Thoughts on Use of Force
When Can You Extend a Traffic Stop?
Citizen Video Audits: Know Their Rights...And Yours
Tactics and Training: Legal Grounds for Using Force
Controversial Legislation: The California Compromise
Officer, Am I Free to Go?

Officer, Am I Free to Go?

Without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, you cannot legally detain a subject during a consensual contact.

June 13, 2019