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Command, Morale, and Humor in Dark Times

Some levity would be good right around the time you send your troops off into the wilderness to fight crime, write reports, and say inappropriate things over an open microphone.

December 23, 2020

South Carolina Deputy's "Dance-Off" Video Goes Viral on TikTok

South Carolina Deputy's "Dance-Off" Video Goes Viral on TikTok

A deputy with the Richland County (SC) Sheriff’s Department has garnered a rather large following on the social media platform TikTok, and as a consequence a local citizen stopped him and his partner as they were on patrol and challenged him to a "dance off."

November 2, 2020

Police Humor in Tough Times: One Cop's Mission to Deliver Laughs to First Responders
British Firefighters Free Training Officer from His Own Handcuffs
Dave Smith: Who is That?

Dave Smith: Who is That?

If you don't recognize the out-of-shape version of yourself in the mirror, it's time to make some changes to improve your health.

March 30, 2020

Utah Police Ask Citizens to Stop Stealing Toilet Paper from Headquarters
Wisconsin Department "Cancels Crime" Due to Coronavirus Concerns
Agency's Social Media Post on 'Coronavirus' Targets Meth Dealers
Video: Idaho Officer's Body Camera Catches Conflict with Wild Turkeys
Maine Police Arrest Man for OUI on Riding Lawnmower

Maine Police Arrest Man for OUI on Riding Lawnmower

Officers with the Augusta (ME) Police Department posted on social media an image of two patrol SUVs parked behind a riding lawnmower that had reportedly been ridden by an individual accused of driving under the influence.

February 12, 2020

Own the Internet: Best Practices for Police Agencies on Social Media
Florida Agency Posts Image on Facebook of Deputy and Small Deer
Wisconsin Deputy Issues Warning to Driver of Oscar Mayer "Wienermobile"
Ohio Department Warns of "Highly Addictive" Girl Scout Cookies Hitting the Streets