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40mm Tactical 4-Shot Launcher
MK-9S .7% OC Vapor

MK-9S .7% OC Vapor

Safariland's First Defense MK-9S .7% OC Vapor in its Defense Technology brand features an intense concentration of major capsaicinoids in a non-flammable, EDW-safe formula and produces a high-volume mist, exceeding CRT and DOT flammability protocols.

September 30, 2012

Monadnock AutoLock Defender Baton Kit

Monadnock AutoLock Defender Baton Kit

Safariland's Monadnock AutoLock Defender Baton Kit contains both the knuckle guard-style baton and a specially designed holder in plain black leather, black basketweave leather, or ballistic weave nylon.

February 18, 2011

Monadnock Baton Patrol Kit

Monadnock Baton Patrol Kit

Safariland's Monadnock Classic Friction Lock Patrol Kit includes the Classic Friction Lock expandable baton, Hindi Baton Cap for increased surface area and striking power, and durable Front Draw Holder in one package, allowing law enforcement personnel to purchase a complete baton system at a savings over purchasing the items separately.

December 22, 2010