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Command, Morale, and Humor in Dark Times

Some levity would be good right around the time you send your troops off into the wilderness to fight crime, write reports, and say inappropriate things over an open microphone.

December 23, 2020

Police Humor in Tough Times: One Cop's Mission to Deliver Laughs to First Responders
Own the Internet: Best Practices for Police Agencies on Social Media
Video: 10 "Cop Movies" Worth Seeing—Again and Again
Tips for Safety on Patrol in Severe Winter Weather
Police Humor: 12 Jokes about Law Enforcement and Police Work

Police Humor: 12 Jokes about Law Enforcement and Police Work

Unbeknownst to many in the public—but well-known to pretty much all of the men and women who stand behind the thin blue line that protects them—police officers have a tremendous sense of humor. It's time to take a little break from heavy subjects and have a little fun.

October 26, 2018

15 of the Most Absurd Police Department Names

15 of the Most Absurd Police Department Names

Some town names in our country, not to mention around the globe, are just plain silly. And when you see the police cars patrolling these silly-named towns it just adds to the level of silliness.

July 14, 2015

Keep Your Sense of Humor

As a demonstrably immature 21-year-old, I defensively adopted a more reserved demeanor in the hopes that it would be interpreted by the academy staff as reflective of a sober nature. I beat down any temptation to crack a joke in the academy with whack-a-mole determination and my effort was so successful that I quickly became known as "stress cadet”

December 23, 2013

Are You Dealing With A Super Genius?

Are You Dealing With A Super Genius?

An ABA Journal story recalled the rewards that can come from perusing others' scribblings. About the only thing these mental mavericks lack is a prognostication on how long a sentence they'll get for the sentences they write.

August 24, 2012

Cop Slang: Our Favorite Terms From You

Cop Slang: Our Favorite Terms From You

Since May, officers have added dozens of great terms to "Cop Slang"—more than 350, in fact. Here are 10 of the very best we've seen added by readers.

August 13, 2012

PoliceMag Launches Police Terms Dictionary

PoliceMag Launches Police Terms Dictionary

Police Magazine has introduced a new user-interactive dictionary to PoliceMag.com that allows officers to search for terms and enter their own terms and definitions.

May 17, 2012

POLICE Announces Monthly Photo Caption Contest Winner
Laugh Often

Laugh Often

There are times where a good laugh will get you over a bad day or through a tough call. I would advise you to take the job seriously but don't take yourself seriously.

September 6, 2011

When This Guy Says He Wants Someone Decisive, Believe Him

"I thank God my partner had the balls to do what he had to do," he said. "I'd rather he take [the shot at me] than hesitate and get me or both of us killed. He's my partner, and any guys that are Monday morning quarterbacking the guy can kiss my ass."

December 8, 2009