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Sirchie to Host Writers' Police Academy for Authors, Crime Fiction Enthusiasts

Each workshop will be taught by a leading expert in the field and will give students the opportunity to use real-world products, equipment and techniques to conduct forensic testing and evidence collection. They will learn the techniques and procedures that are used by professionals in solving crimes.

July 18, 2019

Bode Technology Announces Forensic Genealogy Service to LE Agencies

Bode Technology has announced a new forensic genealogy service offering to law enforcement investigators and crime laboratories. Bode's Forensic Genealogy Service (FGS) combines advanced DNA testing and genealogy to develop ancestral relationships between samples and deliver leads to its clients.

February 13, 2019

Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested After Using Rental Scooter for Getaway
Apple Says it Will Begin Training Law Enforcement in Digital Forensics
Panel Says Baltimore Detective Thought Murdered Killed Himself, Case Still Open

Panel Says Baltimore Detective Thought Murdered Killed Himself, Case Still Open

Among the evidence: The gun barrel was in contact with Suiter's head when the fatal shot was fired. Nobody else's DNA was found on his weapon. Blood spatter was found inside the right-handed detective's right shirt cuff, indicating his hand and arm were in a high position when the shot was fired.

August 30, 2018

MSAB and URSA Inc. Partner on Drone Forensic Technology

“The use of drones for illegal activities has grown tremendously over the last several years,” said Joel Bollö, MSAB CEO. “From smuggling contraband into prisons to flying drugs across international borders, criminal enterprises are becoming more sophisticated and adept in their use of this technology. Our partnership with URSA will provide law enforcement with the tools they need to combat these growing incidents.”

April 12, 2018

Video: AZ Suspect Linked to 9 Murders in 3 Weeks, Police Say
ATF's Ballistics Van to Help Baltimore as Murder Rate Increases

FoxFury Announces Lineup of Portable Forensic Blue Laser Systems for Lab and Field

FoxFury Lighting Solutions has announced its new lineup of portable forensic blue laser systems. Three different models are available (2W, 5W and 9W) for use with forensic evidence search and photography in the lab and field. These laser systems are designed to be cord-free, silent, and waterproof, and they come with a carrying case as well as laser goggles.

April 17, 2017