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Apple Apologizes for Siri Referencing Police Stations as Terrorist Locations
2 Louisville Officers Shot During Rioting Over Breonna Taylor Ruling
3 Tennessee Teens Arrested for Pointing Guns at Undercover Officer
Massachusetts Department Announces Retention of Seasonal Officers
Atlanta Police Department Reports "Critical Shortage" of Officers
Illinois Officer Hailed as Hero Following Fire Rescue of Teen
Former Louisville Officer Indicted in Breonna Taylor Shooting Reports to Jail and Released
LAPD Officers Rescue Disabled Man from Burning Car
Breonna Taylor Shooting Ruled Justified, Officer Charged for Shots into Other Apartments
NYPD Officer Charged with Spying for China

NYPD Officer Charged with Spying for China

A former president of the Tibetan Community of NY & NJ said the group became suspicious of Officer Baimadajie Angwang, 33, and “cut off the relationship” with him following the Tibetan New Year event at its community center in Woodside, Queens, last year.

September 22, 2020