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Federal Police Reform Bill Calls ECWs "Deadly Force"

The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and the Virginia Sheriffs’ Association said the bill shows a misunderstanding of stun guns and why they are used and will likely result in officers instead just going for their firearms.

May 14, 2021

Officer Tells Minneapolis Reporter Why He Left the Force
CHP Vehicle Pursuit Ends in L.A. with PIT Maneuver, Flipped Pickup

National Police Week and a Very Deadly Year

The names of 394 officers who died in the line of duty were added this year to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in our Nation's Capital—362 are those who died during 2020. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers are dying in the line of duty at a rate of nearly one per day in 2021. Where is the outrage?

May 14, 2021

Minneapolis Owes $35 Million in Worker's Comp to Officers Physically and Mentally Injured in Riots
NYPD Officer Shot Multiple Times, Saved by Vest
Retired Oregon Trooper Dies from Injuries Suffered in 2001 Crash That Killed 2 Other Officers
CA Officer Killed Responding to Domestic

CA Officer Killed Responding to Domestic

Stockton Police say Officer Jimmy Inn knocked on the security door and stood off to the side when a voice from inside the residence said, "hey police" and the suspect opened fire on Inn, hitting him multiple times.

May 12, 2021

California Agency Taking Reports by Zoom

The Oceanside (CA) Police Department added a button to its website last week so people can file police reports via Zoom. Previously, such reports could be made only in person or over the phone.

May 12, 2021

Judge Restricts LAPD Use of Less-Lethal Launchers During Demonstrations

In her order granting Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles's request for a preliminary injunction, U.S. District Judge Consuelo B. Marshall noted an increase in reports of LAPD officers pushing, striking and firing less-lethal weapons on crowds of protesters, including media covering demonstrations, without a dispersal order being given.

May 12, 2021