Tango Tango

Hunstville, AL 35806

Company Overview
7800 Madison Blvd. STE 702 AL
Hunstville, AL 35806
United States

Tango Tango integrates existing two-way radio networks to the Internet, using innovative technology to augment and extend communications for First Responders. For a fraction of the cost of traditional radio systems, Tango Tango enhances your team’s communications with encrypted push-to-talk voice, GPS location services, emergency alerting, recording, fire tones, and text/multimedia messaging, using almost any iOS, Android, or Windows device, over any wireless provider or WiFi network. Our seamless radio integration service enables you to connect your radio system to your team’s smartphones. This means you can talk over your radio from your phone, and listen to communication from your radio system. Teams using Tango Tango can interoperate, allowing different departments using different radio systems to communicate on a single channel, regardless of using different systems.

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