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Data Center Results

Survey: April 23rd - 28th

How has your workload changed because of the social distancing rules established by local and state authorities?

Have any officers in your agency tested positive for coronavirus?

Other than officer safety, which of the following is your biggest concern during this crisis?

Have you personally been exposed to coronavirus?

What personal protective equipment is your agency supplying to you?

What one piece of coronavirus protection (PPE) do you need most that your agency is not providing?

Are you or your agency disinfecting/cleaning your equipment and vehicles after contact with subjects?

Has the coronavirus affected the level of crime in your jurisdiction?

Which of the following best describes officer morale at your agency?

Has the COVID-19 pandemic stimulated interest in investigating or adopting any new or different solutions for your agency?

To help address COVID-19 issues, which solutions are currently being researched by your fleet, if any?

What kind of law enforcement agency do you work for?

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An Open Letter to America

An Open Letter to America

Social movements are now debasing and denigrating the remarkably hard-working profession that has brought you extraordinarily safe streets. All that these caring public servants have ever asked for is your gratitude and respect. Take that away and I can no longer encourage these wonderful people to maintain their faith in you.