Reconview, your source for surveillance solutions, has been awarded a five-year GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)  contract with the government for its mobile surveillance towers. 

What does that mean for you?

The acquisition of a GSA MAS contract comes with many benefits to our clients, and we're proud to inform you about the following advantages this contract will provide for our new and potential clients.

Streamlined Procurement Process

The GSA MAS vendor program streamlines the organizational requirements and expedites the acquisition process allowing Reconview to work more efficiently with federal, state, and local governments.

Competitive Pricing

By becoming an authorized vendor, Reconview can help meet the unique needs of various governmental agencies. This contract will allow us to expand our product availability to more agencies by offering competitive pricing and safe, efficient surveillance solutions for crowd and property surveillance. 

Shorter Timelines

With the GSA Multiple Year Award contract, we can increase production to make this product available to you or your agency faster. Meaning you can plan and execute surveillance solutions quickly. Our goal is to provide you with flexible solutions that save time, reduce cost and optimize your organizational efforts.

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About Reconview

At Reconview, we understand that security is crucial to private businesses as well as government agencies. We believe that complete 360-degree surveillance can provide critical data for monitoring and managing the safety of people and property.

Reconview provides camera trailers and security towers that can reduce the risk of violence, help your agency maintain crowd control, deter property crime, and layer your security. When your agency has complete visibility from an uninterrupted vantage point, your team can act quickly and decisively while being fully informed in real-time during an evolving situation.

Our mobile surveillance towers are climate-controlled, equipped with floodlights, and provide your team a clear view of what’s ahead. . These units can be deployed anywhere by one person in a matter of minutes and can be customized upon request.

Surveillance is a critical component of security, and our products were intentionally designed to offer a variety of solutions for governments and businesses worldwide.