Reconview unveils a newly redesigned, bullet-resistant mobile surveillance tower designed to keep the peace and protect your citizenry. The name captures its crucial mission: Guardian Tower.

Domestic and international municipalities, law enforcement agencies, the military, prisons, airport, ports, amusement parks, large commercial businesses, sports teams – these and others who seek to safeguard large crowds of any nature can benefit from the Guardian Tower. A football game at your city’s stadium, a shopping mall parking lot plagued by vehicle break-ins and assaults at the holidays, a political demonstration, border security – all demand the utmost vigilance to protect participants and bystanders. Other customers have found creative uses you probably hadn’t thought of, for example: Oil field operators and marijuana farmers seeking to safeguard their wares. A high-risk intersection prone to speeders and wrecks. Security workers needing to secure large areas after a natural or manmade disaster.

Bullet-resistant towers are very rare in the industry. What makes the Guardian Tower unique and especially valuable is its standard heavy-duty scissor lift, which allows personnel to go up and down at the flip of a switch. The Guardian Tower can be towed behind a vehicle and set up and operated by one person. Other features help make the Guardian Tower effective: 

  • [|CREDIT|]It can comfortably hold four people and is climate controlled. Other ballistic towers tend to be cramped due to the thickness of the ballistic metal, but not the Guardian Tower.
  • The hexagonal design provides maximum wind resistance and 360-degree view from 30 feet in the air.
  • Thermal camera options offer a second set of eyes during nighttime or in areas of low visibility. Spotlights increase the deterrence factor. Tinted windows allow for the tower to be effective even when unmanned. With this autonomous feature, people can’t tell if the tower is manned or not.
  • Easy set up and take down and the fact that the tower only takes up one parking space makes it valuable in every scenario imaginable.

We can all agree that these are unpredictable times. From the countryside to the world’s largest cities, the threat of small- or large-scale incidents looms ever larger. The Guardian Tower can be an instrument of peace and safety, helping communities keep a watchful eye on crime.

Delivery of the Guardian Tower is faster than the industry standard and comes with a one-year warranty. Reconview is able to customize their towers with a range of equipment such as thermal cameras, beacons and PA systems to meet each client’s specific needs. Reconview, based in South Carolina, includes among its clientele the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and prisons across the nation. To learn more, visit www.reconview.com.