The Baltimore City FOP has taken to social media to criticize Mayor Jack Young's approach to fighting crime, and especially the mayor's response to a recent attempted murder of one of its officers.

According to the Baltimore Sun, following the shooting on Tuesday in which an officer narrowly escaped being struck by gunfire at a traffic stop, the FOP took to Twitter to criticize the mayor.

The FOP said on Twitter, "The brave men and women of the Baltimore Police Department were told to stand down during the riots. Now we are being told to stand down on an attempted murder of a police officer."

The mayor responded to the Tweet at a news conference in city hall, saying, "We're all upset with crime being out of control in the city. We need all our partners, including the FOP, to sit down and figure out how we can work together instead of everybody putting out all these little quotes. ... We don't need people tweeting and being a distraction."