The Henderson (NC) Police Department is seeking to educate young drivers on safety that could potentially save their lives on the road.

According to, Henderson Police Chief Herbert Blake asked Lieutenant Jimmy Case to lead the program as its instructor of young drivers in order to prevent tragedies from happening on the roads in his jurisdiction.

"Case jumped at the opportunity because of a personal experience and seeing firsthand what can happen when drivers make poor decisions," according to BlueRidgeNow.

Some years ago Case and his wife were involved in a vehicle collision caused by a distracted driver. Case's wife lost her leg as a result of that incident.

"We typically offer this class once a month to teenagers on a Saturday morning," Lieutenant Case told BlueRidgeNow. "We hope the information they get will give these young people a second chance and possibly save their lives and the lives of others when they are behind the wheel."

The program is available free of charge to young drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 years old.