Criminals regularly operate under the cover of darkness. That’s why being able to see in the dark while remaining undetected gives law enforcement professionals the ultimate tactical advantage.

Thermal-imaging and night vision devices provide this advantage. Both work differently, but either has a dramatic effect on the way law enforcement officers work, ultimately making their jobs safer and easier.

Ideal for surveillance, evidence detection and recovery, raids, search and rescue or any other mission, FLIR delivers law enforcement professionals a full suite of night vision and thermal-imaging devices using today’s top technologies.




Designed and built for the rigors of law enforcement, the new FLIR BREACH PTQ136 is the lightest and smallest full-featured FLIR thermal monocular available. Featuring FLIR’s compact Boson core, 60Hz refresh rate, 320x256 thermal resolution, and a fixed 19mm lens, the versatile, handheld FLIR BREACH PTQ136 offers multiple mounting options for helmets and goggle systems and delivers day or night detection and classification with multiple thermal palette options. These highly adaptable, high-performance thermal-imaging units feature onboard video and image recording and have an MSRP of $2,495.

FLIR ThermoSight Pro


Available in three distinct models starting at $2,199—the 19mm PTS233, 50mm PTS536, and the 75mm PTS736—ThermoSight Pro is powered by FLIR’s high-performance 12-micron pixel pitch Boson thermal camera core, which delivers smaller, lighter optics with increased image performance and range. Featuring industry-leading on-chip video processing and an uncompressed video signal fed directly to a bright, high-definition 1280 x 960 FLCOS display, the FLIR ThermoSight Pro Series offers improved object detection and classification in the field and clean thermal imagery in any light – from low contrast daylight to total darkness – or through smoke, haze and light fog. All ThermoSight Pro models are weapon-mountable, but can also be operated as a handheld scope. They offer 60Hz video refresh rates, 320x256 thermal resolution, USB-C connectivity, user-controlled imaging palettes, image enhancement filters, and built-in digital compass and inclinometer. Shot-activated onboard recording allows for the internal storage of up to two-and-a-half hours of video or 1,000 JPEG images. ThermoSight Pro models also feature multiple reticle and thermal palette options and crisp iconology and graphic overlays over virtually all backgrounds.

Armasight by FLIR MNVD and BNVD


Today’s best night vision devices provide outstanding detail and identification capability. Two examples are Armasight by FLIR’s new MNVD-51 monocular and BMNV-51 binocular, which combine a wide, 51-degree field-of-view with the very latest night vision technologies. These versatile NVDs can be handheld or mounted to a helmet, goggle system or weapon and have a built-in IR illuminator. MNVD and BNVD start at $2,995, placing powerful night vision capability within the financial reach of any agency.

Not only can FLIR save an officer’s life, it can also save his or her job or reputation. Both Beach and ThermoSight Pro models feature the ability to capture onboard still images and video. IA or the DA, compelling video evidence is just an upload away.

Missions will change, but one thing remains the same: your trust in your gear must be absolute. Take command of the night; FLIR’s wide range of tactical optics are mission-tested and combat-proven to keep officers safer. Learn more at