Miami Police Officer L. Gonzalez demonstrates FATS 300LE for media. (Photo courtesy of Miami Police Department)

Miami Police Officer L. Gonzalez demonstrates FATS 300LE for media. (Photo courtesy of Miami Police Department)

Meggitt Training Systems has announced the launch of test and evaluation with the Miami Police Department for Meggitt Training Systems' FATS 300LE. The FATS 300LE delivers virtual scenarios that train police officers in the split-second, use-of-force evaluations and de-escalation tactics they need to deploy in real-world situations.

"We are delighted to partner with the Miami Police Department to provide their officers the FATS 300LE, the next-generation training system to sharpen their decision-making skills and help them make the most appropriate decisions, especially when seconds count in hazardous situations," said Matt Cunningham, Director of Virtual Systems, Meggitt Training Systems.

"This system will provide our officers with the absolute best training there is in the country," said Miami Police Department Chief of Police Jorge Colina.

The FATS 300LE includes five, free-standing flat screens, each with 150"x84" borderless projection surfaces arranged in a hexagonal format that creates a 300-degree, virtual environment. A small entrance area completes the 360-degree circle.

The FATS 300LE's powerful software engine can support up to 20 simulated law enforcement weapons systems concurrently, including rifles, pistols, machine guns, and non-lethal deterrents like a TASER or pepper spray. The system is designed to sync seamlessly with Meggitt's wireless BlueFire simulated weapons—with form, fit, and function exactly like their real-world counterparts, including recoiling when fired. The system tracks weapon movement to provide trainers with detailed information for post-action reports.

Through its ability to replicate many different real-world situations, from domestic family disputes and traffic stops to school shootings, the FATS 300LE is designed to provide a next-generation training solution to improve the way law enforcement professionals react and behave in stressful and at times life-threatening situations.

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