Cheating allegations at the Pennsylvania State Police Academy have prompted a review of testing practices, as well as the removal of 29 cadets who were likely involved to date.

"We won't tolerate anyone who lies, cheats or steals," Commissioner Tyree Blocker said, following a Senate budget hearing in Harrisburg. "The public has, and rightfully so, an expectation that members of the State Police have the highest integrity and I am insistent on that."

Blocker said the investigation of cheating, which was discovered by a staff member in December, has expanded beyond the individual cadets involved to include a review of the testing procedures themselves.

Police sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity previously told PennLive that a cheat sheet was found at the Hershey academy. Sources familiar with the academy's training regimen — which includes written exams and tests of driving ability and physical fitness — have said that some of the test materials haven't changed between classes, leaving open a possible vulnerability in the process.