When Officer Devon Johnson gears up for his shifts, he never knows how his day will play out. As a veteran officer, who has given 17 years to law enforcement work, Johnson might find himself on the side of a highway writing a traffic ticket, at the range conducting rifle training, or executing a tactical drill in a shoothouse.

But though the scenarios he encounters change, one thing remains a constant for the Elsberry, Missouri, patrol officer—his equipment needs to be tough. “When I am going from investigations to physical arrests to traffic enforcement to firearms training, I need my equipment—be it a gun, a watch or even a pen—to survive that encounter and keep going,” he says.

Sean Wingron’s day-to-day duties differ a bit from Johnson’s. As a K-9 handler in Lincoln County, Missouri, he’s tasked with a variety of duties, ranging from tracking a missing person, to narcotics searches and performing building sweeps. As he carries out his job, he might be exposed to gases, explosives, chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, rain, snow, sleet, mud and more. When he’s not on call, he’s training his canine partner, Jax, up to 10 hours a week.

As Wingron moves from tracking lost individuals to drug detection to K-9 training, he says it’s essential for his equipment to work. “I want my equipment to be durable and compatible with the jobs I perform. If it’s not these two things, I won’t use it,” he says.

As an officer in a seven-man department, Mike Fitzgerald, meanwhile, wears many hats from patrol to tactical to investigations, and everything in between. One day, this Warson Woods, Missouri, officer might find himself making traffic stops, the next working a homicide investigation, and the day after that being a first responder to a SWAT call.

His job is different every single day, but his equipment remains the same. For this reason, he needs it to function no matter what. “We are a small department, so we have to do a lot of different things if the need arises,” he says, noting his equipment needs to work well for the application it’s designed for, offer some flexibility in its use, and be rugged and reliable whether he’s taking a report, jumping a fence or wrangling a suspect.

Three different officers with three very different jobs, but all three officers make similar demands of their equipment, using words like tough, durable, rugged and reliable.

Casio understands that every officer, at every call, requires a dependable timepiece. The G-Shock Mudmaster GG1000-1A5 is that timepiece. This top-of-the-line timepiece is one of the latest additions to the company’s Master of G series, which is the ultimate in tough, durable, rugged and reliable.

As the above officers can attest, every encounter brings something new and unexpected, and the gear used must hold up to law enforcement’s rigorous demands. For officers to do their jobs safely, day in and day out, they need resilient equipment that withstands the elements. In Missouri, where these officers are from, it might literally be all four seasons in just one day. “You could be out there in rain, sleet or snow, or it could be a sunny, hot and humid day,” Johnson says. “Your equipment has to stand up to all weather conditions.”

He adds, “Most ranges are nothing more than a hollowed-out pit with a base on it. A shoothouse isn’t much better. You’re going to also need a timepiece that can take the abuse that these environments dish out. This equipment needs to take the strains, cuts and bruises of crawling through gravel, and shooting from position.”

The GG1000-1A5’s mud-resistant and 200M water-resistant construction keeps this timepiece ticking in the harshest of weather. This construction keeps water and mud out while maintaining the timepiece’s functionality. The design utilizes multiple gaskets on the pipes that guide its buttons and shafts, keeping rain, water, mud and sludge from damaging its insides.

Timekeeping is also a critical aspect of the job. Wingron uses his timepiece as a stop watch to check the time it takes his dog to run a track during training, while Johnson relies on his to time drills at the range, and Fitzgerald taps his to note the time of a traffic stop. Because officers rely on timepieces for more than keeping time, the GG1000-1A5 comes complete with a digital compass, five daily alarms, a thermometer and 31 time zones.

“You may need a timepiece to check how long your partner’s been gone, or how long you’ve waited for a suspect to answer the door,” says Johnson. “During these times, if your watch fails, it can cause serious consequences and even death.”

As law enforcement professionals tackle tasks that range from interviews to notetaking, to timing range drills and more, their timepiece needs to be designed to work with them no matter what the task and no matter where they are. The GG1000-1A5 features oversized, non-slip buttons with a checkered finish for non-slip operation, a feature Wingron considers essential.He explains, “If you are wearing gloves or something like that, you need to be able to operate the watch. If the buttons are small, you won’t be able to do that.”

He adds being able to see the watchface in a low-lit area is also a big plus. Seeing the GG1000-1A5 in low light is made easy with a dial face that is illuminated by an Auto Super Illuminator LED, with optimum-brightness, that can be activated at the tilt of the wrist.  In addition to its digital display, large Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock give a traditional 3-hand readout.

When duty gets tough, these officers expect their timepiece to get tougher. The GG1000-1A5 meets these demands via a hollow-case structure, all-directional coating and cushioning material to provide shock resistance.

Shock resistance is a key feature that Johnson, who admits to owning more than 30 watches, including a Casio Edifice, looks for. “When people are firing automatic weapons near you [at the range], you need shock resistance,” he says. “I’ve seen crystals in lesser-quality watches crack in those situations.”

But the G-Shock GG1000-1A5 is more than a functional and durable timepiece. It makes a statement, taking officers from the streets to the station to the courtroom with its sleek and professional design. The attractive timepiece features a tactical, yet sporty look, with a band that resembles the texture of a cloth band, and commanding hour and minute hands shaped with points resembling warning markers.

 “A lot of guys…want an attractive larger face watch with a military-like appearance that stands up to the demands of the job,” Johnson says.

Whatever the task, every law enforcement officer needs a timepiece that is durable, rugged and reliable. The Casio G-Shock GG1000-1A5 meets these needs and more. For every officer, and every call, there is just one timepiece—the Casio G-Shock GG1000-1A5.