A truly innovative new type of barricade, the Retracta-Cade QDB is the first Quick Deployment Barricade to be available to law enforcement, fire, and security departments. The brainchild of a retired police lieutenant, and developed by Visiontron Corp. in Hauppauge, NY, these barricades are gaining prominence with forces across the country.

“These are brilliant!” - Homeland Security Commander, Virginia

QDBs or Quick Deployment Barricades, address the need for immediate protection for first-responders and eliminate the wait for centralized warehouse or third-party barricade providers to truck barricades to a scene.

“QDBs are going to save lives…it’s that simple.” - Police Lieutenant, New York

The Retracta-Cade QDB is made in America and constructed with rust-proof anodized aluminum and HDPE impact-resistant plastic. It’s designed to withstand heavy use and the outdoor elements. Weighing 37 pounds and deploying to a full 10-foot wide barrier in seconds, these units fill a gap in tactical gear and offer immediate protection in emergency situations as no other barricade today can. These units fold down to fit easily to a 4’ x 1’ x 8” “beam” for vehicle stowage or small closets in local stations, they are designed to “nest” and stack so multiple units occupy little space.

Retracta-Cade QDBs can easily be carried and deployed by a single person to create immediate, substantial, high-visibility, impressive barriers. Retracta-Cade QDBs offer interchangeable signage for authoritative, legal identification, offer reflective decals and flashing emergency light options.


  • Instantly protect the public
  • Ensure safety of first responders
  • Create authoritative, legal barriers
  • Allow personnel to focus on their jobs
  • Minimize trucking and maintenance
  • Reduce costs

“These fill a real gap in our current arsenal.” - Police Lieutenant, Colorado