Known for its Pro Ears line of electronic hearing protection and amplification products, RidgeLine has introduced its new Gold Series of muff-style headsets with advanced technology to enhance comfort and performance.

Among the Pro Ears Dimension Plus Gold series' highly technical features are an LED alert light on each circuit board to monitor how the unit is operating, an onboard computer-controlled auto-shut-off feature, and a low-battery indicator. Fully enclosed military-grade circuit boards provide enhanced protection from the elements, while gold connectors provide for better conductivity.

"What makes the Gold Series so special," says RidgeLine President Dan Nigro, "is that these are the first electronic hearing protection products to feature a high-tech, 8-bit micro-processor that runs a complete electronic diagnostic just like your computer. The processor runs 10,000 diagnostics per second so you always know your system is in 100-percent working order."

When it comes to protection, Pro Ears' exclusive DLSC technology instantly protects against hearing damaging noise levels while simultaneously allowing the ability to hear everything in the surrounding environment.

RidgeLine's new Pro Ears line not only provides the ultimate in protection, but also volume and gain adjustability. This allows the user to amplify surrounding sounds up to eight times that of normal hearing, enabling the wearer to hear both very distant and very quiet sounds. "We have been able to not only increase the hearing range but also provide a level of quality sound so clear and so natural you won't believe it possible," says Nigro.

Gold models also offer Pro Ear's exclusive ProForm Leather ear seals and adjustable, padded headband. ProForm Seals are no-sweat and conform more completely around the ears, even while wearing glasses. In fact, the ProForm Leather seals are so effective they actually raised the noise reduction rating (NRR) of each unit.

The Gold Series is offered in a variety of Dimension 1, Dimension 2, and Predator models.  Dimension 2 models feature receiver/input capabilities for AM/FM radio, CD or MP3 players, and many FRS radios or electronic communication/entertainment devices using a 3.5 mm mini-jack. But RidgeLine's president vouches for every headset in the company's new series.

"All of RidgeLine's products are made in the USA," says Nigro, "and we stand behind our products with the industry's longest, most comprehensive five-year warranty."