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Autonomous Robots Prevent Crime

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Stacy Dean Stephens

VP Marketing & Sales

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Do you think wearing on-body cameras on duty should be mandatory?

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Which of the new patrol vehicles looks most promising?

Chevy Caprice PPV(21.5%)
Chevy Impala V-8(4.6%)
Dodge Charger Pursuit(37.5%)
Dodge Durango(2.5%)
Ford Police Interceptor(25.6%)
Ford P.I. Utility(8.3%)

If you're a regular POLICE reader, do you also use Facebook?


Will the Carbon Motors E7 patrol car ever be built?


Is county law enforcement the answer to the crime spike in Camden, N.J.?

Yes, the county will bring additional resources to the problem.(54.8%)
No, local officers know the terrain best.(45.2%)

Will you watch the return of "America's Most Wanted" on the Lifetime Network?


Do you agree with a Florida trooper's decision to detain a speeding off-duty officer at gunpoint?

Yes, he was endangering the public(37.1%)
No, it was over the top(62.9%)

Are you attending IACP 2011 in Chicago?


Do you support open carry of firearms by law-abiding citizens?


Should the NYPD, or any LE agency, have the capability to shoot down civil aircraft?

Yes, as long as it stops a possible terror threat.(65.5%)
No, this is a job for the military.(34.5%)

What will be America's next patrol car, following Ford's discontinuation of the Crown Vic?

Chevy Caprice PPV(33.3%)
Dodge Charger Pursuit(31.1%)
Ford's Taurus-based Police Interceptor(27.8%)
Carbon Motors' E7(7.8%)

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