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Citizens Help Denver Officer After Beating

Two citizens helped rescue a Denver Police Department officer from a horrific beating Saturday, according to court documents. A man reportedly resisted cuffing and assaulted Officer Aubree Thompson, then grabbed for her gun. Read More Here.

September 09, 2014

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Samuel Sanchez @ 9/9/2014 3:26 PM

This whole business of petite women in law enforcement is dubious. But when you send them out solo, it reaches the point of insanity. Countless female officers have been beaten or even killed in situations where a typical male officer would have had no problem at all controlling the situation. Officer or civilian, ask yourself this: If a perp started a physical attack on you, which would you rather have for help? A petite little woman...or a big bruiser of a man ... or even a small man?

Oh, yeah, you also have the issue that a woman, knowing she is physically weaker than a man, is quicker to resort to bullets where a man could handle the situation with his stick.

kevCopAz @ 9/9/2014 3:50 PM

I agree, sorry to say but male or female your size makes a huge difference in how the suspect reacts. Note that this suspect was small also! I wouldn't say petite female is the problem, its petite individuals no matter what gender. The "politically correct" folks what everyone to have an equal chance at jobs like the PD and FD but no matter how nice and how fair that is, nature is nature and predators pick on the small, the weak and will jump on the chance to have a small (lone) officer arrest them. ASK them and they will honestly tell you they would beat a small officer of either sex way more quickly then a larger size officer. THATS common sense. I do feel for the officer, but she knows the risks. I blame the Academies blowing smoke up the butt of these small officer telling them they can do this job regardless of size; LEOs be aware that criminals are not stupid and will jump you ASAP and when they see the smaller officer(or a lone officer) they know that the odds are better.

Lt. @ 9/10/2014 6:05 AM

I have to disagree. There is a place for woman, whether they are petite or not, in law enforcement. Being a male officer of average height throughout my 25+ year career had nothing to do with whether I could handle myself. Being physical fit, street smart and squared away did. I have had information come back to me through word of mouth (bar talk) that several larger males throughout my career chose not to attack me because I was bladed, hands ready and appeared to be squared away (polished boots and pressed uniform). Appearance is what most of the dirt bags have to go on. I have had many larger, physically fit officers attacked on my department due to their disheveled appearance and their lax approach to certain encounters. Larger officers have this false sense of security because of their size. If you think back in your careers you will probably agree that it is easier to take down a stiff bodybuilder (pressure points) than a 100 pound soaking wet spaghetti armed individual.

Sheriff @ 9/10/2014 10:08 AM

The gender has zero to do with it. I have worked with female officers who could out perform their male counterparts. You can be small and strong, or big and weak. Give me a well trained and physically fit female or male officer and I would take them over an overweight, unhealthy, untrained 300 pounder any day. If you want to be in law enforcement, you are obligated to stay fit, stay strong, and be ready to place you self in danger to protect your fellow officers and citizens. Wake up out of shape law enforcement personnel, time to get into shape, stay sharp on officer survival, or get a job in another field. Lt. above may sound a little arrogant, but he is spot on. "Be safe out there"

TheRookie @ 9/10/2014 2:56 PM

Lt. & Sheriff, I disagree somewhat. I had an Englewood, Colo. Sgt. tell me about one of his female Patrol Officers incident (shortly after they began to work the streets). She conducted a contact of a subject running down the middle of Hampden Ave. near Elati. She lit & horned him finally getting him to stop. Upon her exiting the patrol car he walked abruptly up on her punching her directly in the face stripping her .45 duty weapon & fleeing on foot. It was later found she instantly buckled falling to the ground. To this day it's a blessing he didn't shoot her. When putting a petite on the streets of a Major City and/or Suburbs I feel it's always safer to have her partnered with either a large framed solid female Officer (and there's plenty of these) or Male Officer. Numbers do count.
Being a medically retired Denver & Metro-Area L.E.O. from the exact same crap I'm glad she's okay & young enough to hopefully bounce back.

bob retired leo @ 9/11/2014 6:08 AM

In NY I was specially trained to deal with mental health problems of our street people. I was trained along with several others by the best psychiatrists and mental health professionals in the state. Most of our street people were mental health patients that preferred to live on the streets and refused to be institutionalized. Others were released from facilities with no domiciles and had to live on the streets. All of them with no medication or treatment. WE also at the time had a lot of Vietnam Era Vets like myself that were in need of help and homeless. Our job was to be able to use minimal force needed to take custody, care and control of acting out persons and get them to a psychiatric ER Back in the day there were no tasers or mace. Just riot type shields if you needed them or a bed mattress to contain them. I am glad Off. Thompson fought and secured her sidearm. I hope she is doing well. Now its time for her to analyze her stop and learn from her incident.

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