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Miami Assistant Police Chief Criticized for Not Pledging Allegiance

The head of the Miami police union is seeking disciplinary action against the assistant police chief after she refused to salute the American flag while in uniform during a promotional ceremony. More Here.

April 21, 2015

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kevCopAz @ 4/21/2015 4:36 PM

It appears that she did not say the pledge either, ley alone not place her hand on her heart. I would guess that even if she felt she didn't want to pledge, she violated some order since every department zi ever heard of says if you are in uniform and wearing head gear you stand at attention & salute, if you are in uniform without head gear you come to attention, place your hand over your heart as a salute. I have not seen anything in orders that say you must say the pledge, but you are REQUIRED to salute the flag end of story.She should be disciplined. If she makes a big deal out of it, claiming rights and not feeling this country is fair to her or some race then she should be demoted. She is an embarrassment to the Miami PD.

BT @ 4/21/2015 6:34 PM

You can see she is mouthing the words. Probably just too brain dead to realize
you place your hand over your heart while saying the pledge. Lets not get carried
overboard on this.

DEADMAN @ 4/22/2015 1:50 AM

It looked like the woman in back on the right wasn't saluting either,how can they tolerate this ?

Jason @ 4/22/2015 7:52 AM

She's a Chief. She can do whatever she wants.

sharon @ 4/23/2015 11:29 AM

Fire her Ass. Disrespectful police chief needs to go.

Warren Michael Hayes @ 4/25/2015 7:58 AM

I agree that is sounds like there are white/ black issues abd maybe due to the fact she is a woman. If you are a true police officer we do not ask for removal especially when they don't force the pledge of allegiance in schools anymore. We need to work on the bigger issues facing police, and the union needs to take the political crap because they want one of their buddies in that position some place else. Stay safe!!!

Dominick @ 5/27/2015 7:31 PM

This is what happens when Liberals are in charge! They stopped saying the pledge in schools, they took prayers out the words in God we Trust. When the courts condone homosexuality the we wonder why there is disrespect in saluting our flag...

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