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4 Police Chiefs Share Views on Deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner

In a CBS News poll, 54 percent of African-Americans said they've been targets of police discrimination. It's an issue CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues explored with a group of four police chiefs. More Here.

December 15, 2014

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JJ @ 12/15/2014 5:16 PM

Fair and balanced comments by the Chiefs.

JJ @ 12/15/2014 5:16 PM

Fair and balanced comments by the Chiefs.

TERRY F. ZECH VAPD (RET) @ 12/15/2014 6:21 PM

The knowledge and experience of these chiefs was fantastic. They put it out there like it is. Use of force is never pretty, pain compliance makes some one hurt. Presence, verbal judo is used first, if it doesn't work then you proceed up the continuum. You can only talk so much then you as an officer have to take action. Take care brothers and sisters. Watch your six.

RPG @ 12/15/2014 6:39 PM

Policing is the most difficult job done in America. It is a job that at any one time, a percentage of the population, disagrees with. We don't need an enhanced education of the police because they are in the center of a shitstorm from the time the shift starts. No one wants to be policed, yet they want everyone else policed. Society distrust is fueled by the media, fringe groups, minority races, the political left, by amplification of the statistically few wrongful events and complete ignorance and disregard for the tens of thousands of heroic events done each day. Report on those in the 24 hour news cycle... Society has created its own problem, can't you see that people?

Carlos @ 12/15/2014 7:43 PM

Talk about a lack of objectivity on the interviewer's part!! I love how he was doing his best to guide the interview in a certain direction.

Kudos to the Chiefs, especially Chief Flynn for emphasizing the importance of context on the statistics that the so-called media likes to warp and bend.

kevCopAz @ 12/15/2014 8:40 PM

I totally agree with the other comments. Good job by the Chiefs even with a bias interviewer. People need to realize some of these "polls" are useless. Ask me about something that I have zero idea about but "feelings" about not based upon any facts or reality and my opinion would be as worthless as most of the people in these polls. Stick to the facts, most violent offenders (far greater then population percentage) are young Black males. Most violent crime victims are Black people (of all ages). We LEOS know that in ANY neighborhoods (white or Black, Hispanic or Asian) the offenders are from that neighborhood for the most part. The victims obviously are most often of the same race. This is not "profiling" this is not racial prejudice, its reality. When I worked Asian areas, the "usual suspect" was young Asian males. When I worked Black ares it was young Black males etc etc. I was able to do my job better by watching, following and interacting with the "usual suspects " there.

Marshal Fine @ 12/16/2014 5:48 AM

I am fearful of the down turn in the number and quality of applicants in the future. As perception (and remember, that's NOT reality) make us out to be the cause of problems, the otherwise great potential officers will not join our ranks. If an officer does not take control of a situation, he/she is seen by all as weak. Especially with those they are dealing with. The media wants us to be "nicer" . That will NOT work. We are responding to problems, crime, and dog shit complaints. Those already there are mad and when we get there it anger goes UP, not down. It is truly a loose / loose situation. I will say, that it is easier for us in small jurisdictions (most of the time), because we have had contact on a normal level with those there when we arrive. My citizens feel that the police from other areas are "mean", while most can interact in a more positive way, when they feel they "know" you. I don't know how to teach that in urban areas.
Be safe out there !

Marshal Fine @ 12/16/2014 5:54 AM

I also am worried about the general response from those of who already serve. It is human nature to push back when the perception of false accusations are made against you. You all know what I mean. We all know this is pure politics used to take the heat off of something else. No officer anywhere wakes up and says they are going to hunt and kill someone from another race today. This is politics at it's ugliest and we are in it's crosshairs. Be polite, be firm, be smart, but go home after your shift. God Bless us all. Oh yeah. the happiest of Holidays to us all, as well.

Ordianry Joe @ 12/16/2014 6:13 AM

Until the problems can be solved using facts rather than emotions, it will not be fixed. Discussions need to be based in reality. Chief Flynn is putting that on the table, yet it is still not being discussed. If you think this is a new problem, think again. I was cautioned back in the 80s not to use UCR stats in developing my lesson plans or use them in discussions. The facts were considered too sensitive to discuss. Unless and until the problem is acknowledged, solutions will not be forthcoming.

TX Lawman @ 12/16/2014 6:39 AM

I was very impressed by the Chiefs' responses. As usual I could see the news correspondent trying to alter their answers so he could make police officers look like racists. I was glad to see the chiefs shoot back at him. The only way we are going to be able to improve the relationship with citizens is by bringing God and discipline back to our schools and have parenting classes for the lower economic citizens where they teach them right from wrong and teach them morals and respect. I'm not saying there aren't bad cops out there, because there are, but few and far between.

Ron @ 12/16/2014 6:09 PM

I have nothing but respect for the Chief's that sat in on that interview. They put the facts out there and didn't allow the biased interviewer have his way. It gets under my skin that everyone has all of a sudden become an expert in law enforcement tactics. These same critics don't realize that our training is based off of the unfortunate numbers in our ranks that paid the ultimate price in the line of duty. We know that when someone resist us in an arrest situation, the longer you let it go on the greater your chances are of getting hurt. Use of force is rarely if ever a perfect scenario but it's a part of our job. If the public or even these politicians think body cameras are going to change criminal activity, think again. It will only aid us in faster prosecutions in court. Stay safe out there and God bless.

TC @ 12/17/2014 12:59 PM

I can't help but notice that it is always the police who must change.

In a large city near me, 80% of the calls for service are for about a 10 square mile area that is mostly made up of a single demographic. Police need to be where crime is.

Bill Schuldies @ 12/17/2014 6:56 PM

Training and education are at the forefront yet, many people, in my opinion, still look at police officers as uneducated thugs who leave the office looking for a fight. I have been a police officer for 17 years and can tell you that I have never once started my shift looking for someone to harass or fight. That being said, I will and haven't ever run away from one either. I have and I'm sure most if not all other law enforcement officers who have been in the field for a period of time, have seen things that most other people hope that they never will. I have seen children beaten and sexually assaulted by family members as well as strangers. I have seen victims shot stabbed and beaten with all sorts of weapons. I've also seen fellow officers shot, stabbed and beaten while they were serving those who we all have sworn to protect. I love my job and can't see myself doing anything else. I commend these leaders that speak the unfortunate truth about the state of our society. Thank you.

CB @ 12/17/2014 8:42 PM

I have been in federal law enforcement for more than 25 years I have worked throughout the United States and overseas. I have worked all kinds of operations with a great number of outstanding Officers and Agents and had an outstanding career. What I am noticing in the comments are an understanding of how we got to this point. The disparity in policing across various communities. As a law enforcement officer in the performance of my duties as well as just trying to go home, I have been proned out, had guns pointed at me, my badge and credentials disrespected, my car stopped and accused of being a look a like suspect on more occasions than I would like to remember. It has nothing to do with media or the circumstance..people are fed up wth those officers who feel that heavy handed policing is the only way to police minority communities. I have rarely seen it happen in other communities. People just want to be treated with respect and will respond in kind.

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