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Fired South Carolina Trooper Charged with Shooting Unarmed Motorist

A former South Carolina state trooper faces a felony charge in the shooting of an unarmed man during a traffic stop in Columbia earlier this month. More Here.

September 25, 2014

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kevCopAz @ 9/25/2014 10:44 PM

Got to say, based solely on this video and not knowing any other circumstance I can understand why he was fired and charged. The system seems to be working. Any competent prosecutor would have to charge the officer. Thank God it was not worse. My guess this guy was a rookie, he appears too nervous and obviously fired without see a weapon or any overt action on the part of the victim. LEOs watching this have to agree, the officer panicked. The officer and the victim are both lucky that he didn't die. The very least this is a nervous inexperienced cop, or he has had very bad training. (or both)

Ima Leprechaun @ 9/26/2014 1:03 AM

The trooper could not see the mans hands from the onset they were totally obscured under what looked like a shirt or a towel. Then the suspect turns away and puts his entire body into the car. I understand the apprehension of the officer since the suspect failed to obey his commands. Given the first few seconds of the video I too thought the suspect was going for a weapon. But upon backing out of his car and turning around it does reveal there was nothing in the suspects hands. I feel bad for the Officer but I can see why he thought the suspect was going for a gun. I was always taught that it is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. The suspect will make millions off his error and the Trooper's life will be ruined. Sad turn of events for everybody. With Florida being a concealed carry state it is easy to see this kind of mistake happening more frequently.

Ima Leprechaun @ 9/26/2014 1:04 AM

Meant to say South Carolina.

Old Law Dog @ 9/26/2014 11:28 AM

Obviously one scared trooper. I've seen jumpy rookies and cops that just don't have "it" when confronted with an unusual situation and this guy fits the bill. Just glad he hasn't killed anybody and is out of this line of work before he did. Hope he finds another career. One that won't disqualify him for what I am sure he will get, and arrest record. The citizen in this case will probably get a healthy check for his inconvenience.

Capt. Crunch @ 9/26/2014 6:32 PM

I could see the State Police firing this trooper for his mistake made on this incident but putting a criminal charge on him I think would be wrong. The trooper shot the motorist because he thought the motorist had a firearm and the trooper was defending himself. I also feel sorry for the motorist and I think he should collect a large sum of money for his injuries.

Sgt. Mike @ 10/2/2014 2:57 PM

I’m going to have to disagree with Mr. Leprechaun. There is not a time in the career of any current LEO’s training in this nation, when they were taught to shoot if they “think the subject could be going for a gun.” I think this situation lacks “Imminent Jeopardy” which, in my training, is a requirement for the use of lethal force.

Furthermore, the Officer told the guy to get his ID, and the subject immediately began reaching for his back pocket (a common place for wallets) and then into the vehicle (another place drivers keep wallets so they don’t have to sit on them). Why would you not recognize the possibility he would be reaching for the object you asked him to produce?

I don’t want to be over critical, but I’ve been a Patrol Sergeant for 13 years, I’ve used this level of force, and I’ve been shot in the line of duty on a different occasion, and this video makes me shake my head. The truth is some people don’t have the nerve to do this job, and some of those, are on the job.

Hardroc @ 10/12/2014 7:47 AM

Trooper gave a command; the man complied and was shot for doing so. If you feel like CAPT. CRUNCH then everybody an LEO came up against would be dead. I think everybody is armed, I don't pull my weapon and fire because of it.

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