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Campus Police Accused of Excessive Force in Professor's Arrest

Arizona State University Police is shown struggling to arrest a professor on a Tempe, Arizona street. the ASU professor arrested by campus police last month is now accusing the officer of excessive force. Read Full Story Here

June 30, 2014

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murgy01 @ 6/30/2014 4:08 PM

For someone who is a ASU professor, she was sure acting like an idiot. If she would have just given her ID when asked she probably would have either gotten a warning or at most a citation. She escalated the situation and blames the police for excessive force. She resisted and refused to put her hands behind her back when arrested. She will probably play the race card to justify her stupidity.

TERRY F. ZECH @ 6/30/2014 5:11 PM

This officer showed great restraint with this lady. If it had been myself the third time after asking her to stop resisting she would have hit the ground or would have been sprayed. I hope the University of Tempe sanctions her and then fires her. This is a good example for the young people of their college. I don't think so. Ofc Ferrin was concerned for her safety and all she had to do was provide ID and it would have been over.

K9VAX @ 6/30/2014 5:48 PM

This Police Officer did an excellent job! He verbalized and used the amount of force necessary to effect the arrest. His demeanor was very professional during the point of contact, throughout the entire she was uncooperative and resisiting, and after the arrest. This video should be shown in all classrooms.

Jelly @ 7/1/2014 3:36 AM

Listen closely to what she said as soon as she is taken to the ground, “I ‘m gonna’ sue, I’m gonna’ sue”. This lady is looking for a free meal ticket. Honestly, I think the officer may not have used enough force and too much restraint, but that’s for him to decide, I wasn’t there. Please remind me NOT to send my kids to ASU if this is the quality of people they have teaching there.

tdi4123 @ 7/1/2014 7:30 AM

The officer(s) did an excellent job at trying to communicate with the suspect. Too bad she has limited ability to understand what the role of the Police are in this country. Sadly, there are many more just like her. I hope the University terminates her for unethical conduct.

Gene Thomlinson @ 7/1/2014 3:52 PM

I have a nephew starting this fall, I certainly hope she does not represent the Faculty in this system.

Nichole @ 7/2/2014 4:22 AM

"ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Yes, of course they're serious. He was serious the first 15 times he asked you calmly to give him your ID and the first 50 times he told you to put your f****** arm behind your back. You asked for this, you're the one to blame. And now this officer will probably have to pay the price for your idiotic behavior.

Mike H @ 7/3/2014 7:58 AM

I hope the University administration backs the officer up 100%, and not the faculty member

notmeofficer @ 7/3/2014 9:26 PM

She should be convicted of walking in a roadway and resisting/obstructing.
Then she should be fired from the college for cause. She should have to write a letter of apology to the officer and the college and pay restitution for being an idiot

Will the college do that no...

I feel horrible for the officer involved and the unecessary stress he will have to deal with while being investigated.. he should get a good stress vacation. ... and he should find an attorney willing to take her on pro bono and get some of her grossly bloated pay.

The world is out of balance.. I lay blame squarely on our college campuses and our divider not uniter President

John @ 7/4/2014 10:24 AM

I guess she feels she is above the law. What a sense of entitlement. She's a jackass.

John @ 7/4/2014 10:26 AM

The Officer showed patience and restraint

mikeforce68 @ 7/4/2014 2:59 PM

The officer(s) did everything in their power to be polite, explain the incident, and asked her to cooperate. She did not show her ID, Strike one, She started to resist the officer, strike two!, then she was trying to instigate the race card and get bystanders to help her fight the officer, Strike three. No more talk, which I commend them for their patience. Shame on ASU, its administration, for their lack of support for their police department. I wish both officers the best, because politically correct, wannabees want to show they are above arrest on their campus and the officer's do nothing without the permission of the Campus Administration. It is this way at most of the Nation's colleges and Universities. It is a shame and a bight on the justice system.

Bill W. @ 10/24/2014 8:40 AM

So, it's illegal to not present ID in AZ?

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