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St. Louis Officer Strikes Handcuffed Teen

Surveillance video showing a St. Louis Police officer striking a handcuffed teenage suspect has been released after the officer was cleared of charges. Read the full story here.

July 09, 2013

Comments (7)

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Bob@Az. @ 7/9/2013 1:20 PM

Well, not knowing if this fine, upstanding, misunderstood youth had spit at the Officer it's kind of hard to call. But then again, when you try to shoot an LEO, when caught in a stolen car with drugs, you may piss him off a tad. As for the talking head saying the Judge "never even looked at the video", I got to ask: Is she clairvoyant? Blues, Stay Safe.

krisnlc @ 7/9/2013 4:10 PM

Wow, amazing again.... how can you even start to justify this Bob from AZ? nothing this person did at that moment, justified that action by the officer...Nothing! anything before that should have been addressed at that time...which obviously resulted in this arrest... This officer should stay fired, the judge should be fired..., the statment by the talking head was not clairvoyance, but fact as she stated when she said "the judge did not watch the video".... BAd police, and the true blues are not the same..this guy should be wearing orange...not blue.

Kevin Johnson @ 7/9/2013 4:13 PM

Can't see the video on my iphone :-(

Bob@Az. @ 7/10/2013 10:47 PM

krisnic, I'm sorry but I can't seem to find the video from outside the van, the one you obviously watched. You know, the one showing the young man smiling and saying "Yes sir" and not being agressive. And until the Judge states she did not watch the video, then it is heresy. Maybe you should read the entire story, including the part where this pos is busted two weeks later for GTA and possession. Or better yet, ride along with the SLPD in this area. Blues, Stay Safe.

Jimbob @ 7/11/2013 11:02 PM

bob, what's this pos name? I want the story of him commiting gta to show a bleeding liberal friend of mine.

Cowboy @ 7/12/2013 1:59 PM

If the fine, upstanding youth had spit at the officer, struck the officer, or fired at the officer, the result should be the same": he should be charged with the offenses. He was obviously cuffed, in custody and under control. I have never known a protocol that calls for the response to what the officer accused the arrestee of, much less what is seen in the video. Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

Striking a defenseless person is a crime. The officer's accusation of lunging and his fear for his safety is a bit challenging to the thinking officer, lawyer, judge, review panel or citizen. If the detainee had lunged at the officer with handcuffs on, he would have likely knocked himself out and would not have needed the assistance of a forearm. This was not a defensive action, but one of aggression. If there was an illegal action that upset the officer, he should take great pleasure delivering the arrestee along with righteous charges. If he decides to respond with violence when no defense is called for, then he becomes a criminal. Does he not?

I don't think the alarm is that the judge did not view the video, but that the judge did not allow the video to be shown.

There are ways to speak in this officer's defense, but your approach to the defense of this officer's actions is abhorrent and an affront to officers of integrity.

Your second comment is even more disconcerting. You attempt to justify excessive force by claiming future crimes (in retrospect, of course). How long have you been on the force? Are you an SLPD officer? Is this indicative of how officers in your department think?

@Jimbob, What do you think showing your liberal friend this person's crime will do? Are you wanting to justify the officer's actions or to see what a jungle it can be out there? It reads like the former. Motivations matter. Are you saying assault by an officer is a crime only recognized by liberals?

Steve @ 8/1/2013 9:55 PM

"Lunging and fear for officer safety" = BS, don't insult us. Myself ,i HATE criminal punks, but if officer so and so wants to administer a little attitude adjustment then he had better do it off camera or face the music and risk loosing his job. Cops have to know that Your job is now a 'realty show' You are always on camera. PS: the punks Dad should be the one punching out little baggy pants and there in lies the problem , just like Travon Martin there is / was no good strong father around to keep them out of serious trouble and slap them back into respectable line.

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