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Ill. Cop TASERs Combative, Pregnant Woman

Springfield (Ill.) Police leaders defended an officer who subdued a combative, pregnant women by using the "drive stun" mode on his TASER during an argument in a Best Buy parking lot. Read the full story here.

April 04, 2013

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Terry @ 4/4/2013 5:52 PM

I hear people in the video saying, the officer didn't give a f**k she was pregnant. He tased her and just threw her to the ground. She didn't seem to care either. Maybe she should've been standing off to the side watching instead of putting herself in the middle of that mess. Funny that I didn't hear anyone in the video saying that woman should've cared enough about her baby she didn't get in the middle of it. But these days it's always the officer in the wrong huh. I say she got what she deserved and if her baby was injured then she should be charged with child endangerment.

Capt. Crunch @ 4/4/2013 7:53 PM

This is a good example of why some people should not have children.

Juan 10-13 @ 4/5/2013 5:51 AM

She attacked the Officer...she goes down! The pregnancy was the victim card sheplayed soon as she was a loss. Once she was in custody she recalled being "pulled down"...but not her combative behavior! I heard the female tapping the video from the vehicle call the Offcer who had to restrain the pregnant woman a "F......" lier...he did tase her! It's been proven that witnesses only see what they want to. This is a good example. I stopped counting the "F..." word after 25 times! Good job my brothers in Blue. Stay safe!

Steve @ 4/5/2013 7:23 AM

Give me a're actually asking these folks to use their brain? If he'd cared about her he'd have calmed down to keep her calm. If she'd cared about her baby and her boyfriend she'd have been talking to him to calm him down. Can't expect "common sense" responses from morons. Has nothing to do with race either. Every race has too many morons amongst them!

Ima Leprechaun @ 4/5/2013 4:29 PM

My only problem is this, do people that are pregnant wear signs? Do people with pace makers wear signs? Dp people with defibrillators wear signs? None of them do. At some point the officer is expected to use his brain. There was no immediate danger at that scene to anyone. Why cops only think in terms of more force is beyond me. There was yelling but that was the only "force" being used by anyone until the officer decided to skip the entire use of force curriculum and jump mid-way up the pryamid. Doesn't anybody try talking anymore? Talking softer and not yelling too can cause even the loudest person to calm down but nobody even thought to try that. I see several easier options here before the taser should have been employed but none were even attempted. I suspect a lawsuit jury will feel the same.

[email protected] @ 4/7/2013 10:08 PM

ima, again, stay behind that desk! If you watch the video you will see that they did not have the boyfriend secured when she started her interference. And how do you know there wasn't a threat? How do you know she wasn't carrying a weapon? Blues, Stay Safe.

garyjansen @ 4/8/2013 7:41 PM

iftheofficerwasbadgeheavyonapregnetwomanschouldbesuspededwithoutpay for thierown goo

r413 @ 4/9/2013 4:31 AM

Steve, are you my hero! Such a learned person as yourself can teach those in LE much. Can you tell me what prompted the use of force in this situation? We are glad you were there before the camera was rolling to have such objective insight. Of course your correct. every LEO knows an officer can only use equal or less force when confronting a threat. That's why whenever a threat comes at me with a knife, I put my gun away and get out my knife (just to level the playing field), while whispering sweet nothings in the threat's ear just to keep him calm while he or she stabs me to death. I'm so glad you pointed that out to us. Please explain why you believe that there wasn't an immediate danger? Just share your tips on seeing through clothing, close quarters confrontations and mind reading. Could you also explain to us what a "use of force "curriculum" (sic) is? Some of use who lack your expertise have not heard this term before. That pryamid you speak of..Can you tell us what it looks like and how you determined that the officer jumped mid-way up it? Where does it begin, and where does it end? Those other options you see, mind telling the LE community what they are for we thurst for the type of knowledge you possess. Please tell us when and where your next presentation on police use of force will be, as those of us in LE could certainly learn much from such an erudite as yourself.

tdbeez @ 4/19/2013 5:15 PM

it didnt appear that the tasing of the woman (if he actually did) was intentional. it appears that he was trying to use his taser hand to force her to the ground and in the process inadvertently activated the taser when he tensed up. i never saw the tell tale sign of probe wires anywhere. probably just barely got an accidental drive stun

Jeanne @ 4/24/2013 3:21 PM

Men, you just won yourselves 12 hours of retraining in public relations. And hundreds of hours of late night rumination on why females should respond to certain situations even if late. My sympathies on what was just plain bad from start to finish, and not your fault. But it is gonna cost and cost and cost.

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