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Rough Arrest In S.C.

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports

A suspect has sued three Charleston County (S.C.) Sheriff's deputies, claiming they used excessive force on him during a Nov. 11 traffic stop. Read the full story here.

December 11, 2012

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Stephen @ 12/11/2012 2:49 PM

As a Police Officer, that was excessive force necessary to detain that suspect. Closed fist strikes are uncalled for while 2 other deputies are holding his arms. He's not falling to the ground because the other deputies are holding him HERO. This isn't the 1st time I have seen officers, deputies, and troopers using excessive force. Master that adrenaline dump.

RICHARD ISAACS @ 12/11/2012 5:14 PM


Jim A @ 12/11/2012 9:20 PM

I really hate to say anything negative regarding fellow officers, but this really did seem like too much. The suspect was detained and controlled when he was hit in the face.

It is easier to SAY "control your adrenalin" than actually being able to control it. Which one of us has not reacted too strongly to something only to realize later that it was a little over the top? And we were not there.

But there is a lesson to be learned with this. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and DO WHAT THE OFFICER SAYS! We are nice guys until you try to step on us. If you don't do as you are directed and open your big yap, you are the one that started it and you are about to learn that cops do not lose very often.

Terry F. Zech @ 12/12/2012 4:40 AM

I believe those officers were telling the suspect to go to the ground and he was resisting. Need to hear the audio on this one.

Big Dog @ 12/12/2012 6:02 AM

It dont look good guys

George @ 12/12/2012 7:00 AM

Richard mentioned that "something was said" before the blows were thrown. I believe it is irrelevant what the driver said even if he threatened to beat the officer. That is only an added charge against him. He was passively resisting and punching in the face is not the proper level of force. Because there were three officers on one driver, two of which had control of the arms and the worse I saw on the video was the driver still standing up. You can also see the seat belt being caught up in the drivers arms. We get sworn at all the time. It is the bad guys only way to save face and act like tough thugs. It shouldn't mean anything to us. Does a perp get to strike us if we call him a POS? What gives us the right to teach them a lesson? If he did hit one of the officers then use the force necessary to take him into custody. But is it worth losing your job? Hopefully the other two officers just doing their job won't be punished.

naynaybeme @ 12/12/2012 10:21 AM

I agree a bit extreme.

pup @ 12/12/2012 10:45 AM

It's sad to see so many of you LEO judge the officer(s) before obtaining all the facts. I can say I'm glad you're not my partner....
I admit the incident looks bad from the dash cam, but what were all the facts that caused the incident to take place? The officers knew they had dash cams on, so why would they act improper? Did the suspect spit at the officers? Did the suspect have a weapon in the car? Did the suspect piss off the officer and he over reacted? What was officer(s) mindset? Hot headed? Can video's be deceiving or misleading? We don't know, do we?
Are you the perfect cop who has done no wrong? My suggestion is don't be so quick to judge until you have all the facts before you. If the officer was wrong, he will be disciplined. If you witnessed excessive use of force, why didn't you reported? You were just as much in the wrong as the LEO using force. Why didn't you stop him?
Just another note, when you describe the term fist, it's either a closed hand or fist. Not a "closed fist". You can't have an "open fist" now, can you?
Be safe!

George @ 12/12/2012 3:42 PM

@pup...My first inclination is always to side with the officer. We all know how tough the job is and some of the lowlifes we deal with. That being said, I agree we do not know all the facts. But if we are judging by just what we do see then he went overboard. If I was your partner and you began to over react I would do my best to stop you so you aren't facing a trial and you aren't fired for over-reacting. I would want a partner to do that for me. I will risk my life for a fellow officer, I won't go down to protect an officer who is immature and doesn't know when to quit. These video's give us an opportunity to put ourselves in their situation and learn from their mistakes. Yes I agree we weren't there when this particular incident occurred but after 26 years of experience I have been there before. What happened to integrity? Professionalism and Pride. If the officer was truly in the right, then he deserves to get exonerated, I hope but doubt that is the case. There are several officers here that agree with me probably because they have stood on the Chiefs carpet and had to weigh their livelihood over their partners stupidity. No I am not a perfect cop but I can assure you I never risked my job over the pleasure of a closed hand or fist strike to the fist when it wasn't called for. And unless you have more time on the job, more experience (testified at a use of force trial), training (firearms instructor, less lethal and use of force instructor) etc. You have less credibility to tell me how to think. Finally, just because they have dash cams doesn't mean they remember they were on when this occurred. There are plenty of video that supports that theory.

Capt David-Ret LA County @ 12/13/2012 8:00 AM

Ah, those dash cameras

pup @ 12/13/2012 4:27 PM

@George....You're right sir and I agree with you.. My thought was it's so sad to see so many of our own judging the officer without having all the facts. The video looks bad and I'm not saying the officer was justified using that type of force. Only the officer himself has to explain his reason(s) for the punches. Who knows, maybe he'll agree he lost self-control.
I've been on 35 years, and I've been in State & Federal court. So, I know what you mean by being there. This is why guys need to step up to teach and help each other to keep from making mistakes. Especially, when using excessive force. To many video's are out there which don't show the entire incident and usually make us look bad. Even when we're right. We, as LEO need to support and help much more than condemning each other.
Thanks George for your comments..Be safe and God Bless...

Deputy068 @ 12/13/2012 6:35 PM

Sure doesn't look good - but, since I wasn't there, I can't pass judgment. Agree with the comment concerning which of us, with the benefit of hindsight, hasn't looked back and realized we were a tad 'over the top' in some incident involving wise-ass comments or reactions from a jack off we were questioning? I know I have, so I'm not about to throw stones....

cacampuscop @ 1/10/2013 9:04 AM

Great job throwing a cop under the bus based on less than 1/2 of the story. To sit here and condemn the guy (he's guilty because I'm a veteran cop and I said so) only hurts his chances. If the bad guys are innocent until proven guilty, why can't the cops?

Explain this part to me: If this is just a traffic stop, and the driver wasn't doing anything wrong, why are there three deputies and at least two cars on the scene? Do you think the cop just decided to rip the driver out of the car for no good reason, or do you think he asked/told him first? The other two cops RAN over to help the first one out when the decision was made to yank him out of the car. I would be willing to speculate they thought there was good cause to help him out.

When driver DOES get out of the car, he looks like a pretty big guy. I'm not entirely convinced that the two deputies have him under control (and the seatbelt wrapped around his arm doesn't help matters). Unknown what commands they were giving him, but he just seems to be standing there (as in, not dropping to a knee or his belly) and those judo chops to his face (we can't tell WHAT kind of fist/hand combination he made based on the poor quality video) may have been what I've been taught to call 'distraction' blows, to aid in getting the suspect to comply or allow the officers to force compliance. Sure, a slap to the brachial plexus origin might have worked better, but it'd probably look worse on tape right?

Before you "veteran" know-it-alls condemn this guy, get the facts and stop being tools of the sensationalist media.

Doug @ 3/16/2013 12:05 AM

RICHARD ISAACS @ 12/11/2012 5:14 PM

SOMETHING WAS OBVIOUSLY SAID BEFORE THE BLOW'S WERE THROWN. WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT WAS SAID MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE TO VOICE AN OPINION OF RIGHT OR WRONG. excuse me??? There are 3 officers. NO need for shortie to get physical. If iwas just him, them YES. This was wrong and embarrassing !!!!!!

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