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Man Tackles Baltimore Cop

A middle-aged man tackles a Baltimore Police officer, while the officer was arresting another suspect.

January 05, 2012

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Shane @ 1/5/2012 9:29 PM

A perfect example when taser application should have been introduced into thismsituation. To bad there dept thinks other wise.

Richard @ 1/6/2012 3:07 AM

We do not need those type of comments on this site.

Kevin @ 1/6/2012 3:53 AM

Too bad the officer tried to make an arrest by himself. He could of used backup, I don't know who the other guy was standing next to him in the police uniform he was useless.
The officer gets tackled and the guy is on top of him, the other officer looks like he's talking to the guy like he was afraid to put hands on him.
Good job on the 3rd officer coming and kicking the suspect to get him off.

Aiding Escape? @ 1/6/2012 6:38 AM

Cops should subpoena the recording, and arrest the guy for yelling encouragement to the original arrestee to "get outa there, get outa there!" Criminal Solicitation is the minimum charge in NY. As the officers are arresting the second guy, the videographer interferes with the arrest by getting too close to the officers distracting them from someone who is violent. Commands to "get back" are ignored several times as he keeps returning to the situation. Cops cannot stop someone from taking video, but they can arrest people who encourage escape and enter a police zone (which was established when people were told to get back).

Use Necessary Force @ 1/6/2012 7:04 AM

Thinking of the Seattle arrest of John Kita, where the public seemed upset with the officer (but his city rightfully backed him), cops need to use necessary force to get people under control quickly, stop force when they are under control , and get their arrestee out of there before the crowd jumps in (like here). The officers could have used more force under Graham v. Connor on the first guy who wasn't interested in getting arrested. The second guy was on top of one cop and had his hand on his neck... the 2nd officer should have used his asp. While cops should not abuse the public, the law allows them to use force in situations like these... use it!

hudson69 @ 1/6/2012 8:57 AM

Does anyone know why the first person was being arrested and why there was a crowd around. It looked kind of busy there.

The only I would say is that it "might" have helped to have gotten the first guy handcuffed a little faster but once the officer got tackled he was subdued pretty quick and scene control got better.

My .02 only

Mike @ 1/6/2012 11:25 AM

Ask, tell, make! I also recommend copious use of OC spray for those continually encroaching on them. I think most depts dont train enough on situations like this. I only learned after working my cities Bar District. Initial cover officer would have been better off providing crowd control since Susp #1 was uncooperative but not actively fighting. Wait for more cover then affect the arrest. But always be ready & WILLING to go hands on. IMO Off #2 was a bit overwhelmed!

My other suggestion is once Susp #2 is cuffed stand him up, search him, and get him in a car. That will give the "vocal citizens" less to talk about.

Laura @ 1/7/2012 1:12 PM

The video is no longer on Youtube... But I found it here

The second officer seems a bit lost. To bad they don't teach choke holds like they did in the Army in the 70's. And if you notice the 1st guy ran off with a handcuff on one wrist.

The Enforcer @ 1/10/2012 2:56 AM

They should fire the 2nd Unidentified idiot wearing the Police Uniform for being USELESS!..

Greg @ 1/13/2012 9:05 AM

What we have here is a case of officers afraid to use proper force. Some officers allow the external circumstances(ie angry crowd) to dictate their actions. About the only officer who seemed undeterred to use appropriate force was the one who showed up and kicked and delivered closed fist strikes on the attacking suspect.

scpdblue @ 1/13/2012 9:14 AM

This is what happens when police go into these areas.. I say let the animals alone so that they can kill each other.You can see from the video they have no respect for their own neighborhood,they live off the tax payers of Baltimore.Its a no win situation when dealing with animals of that nature.

Steve E @ 1/24/2012 5:43 PM

FIRE the tall black cop !!!

If that aggressor would have had a knife he would have killed the small white cop while the tall black cop just stood by watching .

I commend the small black cop for stepping up to the plate and kicking the moron .

halderon @ 1/31/2012 10:58 AM

I think that if I was the officer tackled, I would ask for a different partner. He did not do one thing. Re-watch the whole thing. There are people with babies in strollers walking trough the fight. Notice the heavy traffic, His partner didn't even control that. The guy yelling about being sprayed is the cameraman. His partner need to take a course-like the academy over again.

Sean @ 1/31/2012 3:14 PM

The only thing wrong is the second and thrid cop didn't kick that asshole in the head more and end the fight.

JaARHEAD @ 1/31/2012 10:20 PM

I'm reading all these comments about criminal charges on the bystanders, I'm thinking..."Holy Cow, you can do that?" Where I work that attack would have been considered by our prosecutor's office as "part of your job", not R & O.

Tactical @ 2/17/2012 10:06 AM

Clearly a failed attempt at a Sucker Punch from around the corner across the street, into a lazy grab fall down. Tackle? No. Cops actions seemed very Green. If they would have subdued the original actor in a timely fashion the Sneak attack prob would not have occurred. my $.02

Chad @ 2/18/2012 11:44 PM

a prime exampt of training to mediocracy. The 1st two officers has little if any control of the situation, why on earth did it take so long to get the first guy hooked up? If you are justified in arresting him, get it done as quickly as safely (to you, not the suspect) possible, rather than prolonging an incident which will inevitably go sideways.

And yes, fire the second cop. he just stood there while the second suspect was lying on top of his partner. a poor example of police work, up and until the 3rd officer arrived, used the necessary amount of force to regain control in the least amount of time.

just my thoughts.

John @ 4/23/2012 11:11 AM

If the initial arrest was illegal, the second man had the right and responsibility as a US citizen to intervene. There are far too many videos out there which reveal not every arrest is legal to assume this one was. The first man was being arrested for "disorderly conduct" - I think we know that's a typical contempt of cop BS charge, along with resisting arrest (especially with no other charges filed). This sounds like a potential false arrest of someone who didn't call the officers "sir" often enough. Hopefully, more information comes out soon.

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