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N.H. School Cafeteria Arrest Goes Viral

Did officer use excessive force in New Hampshire high school student's arrest?:

A Manchester, N.H., Police school resource officer's arrest of a student in a school cafeteria has gone viral, after Web site CopBlock posted it on its Web site.

October 06, 2011

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FlyingCop @ 10/6/2011 7:52 PM

" No matter where I'm in the world I'm a US citizen, I have freedom of the press!"

OK! Why don't you go try your freedom of the press out in oh lets say Iran! I'm sure I can pool money to have you sent to a rude awakening...welcome to the world style.

Outacontrol @ 10/6/2011 7:58 PM

Let us start with the pierced lip, then, the mom's pink hair and the anarchy tat on the copblock guy. In addition, the I'm a US citizen anywhere in the world...I have freedom of the press. There must be a freon leak in the a/c system in that school.

Maleman39 @ 10/6/2011 9:13 PM

I'm not clear on what caused the altercation--was it the boy was playing with the girl by withholding her purse? Things like that happen every day and are usually handled without physical force. It seems to me that the big, overgrown cop overreacted and used physical force to manhandle and arrest the boy instead of just telling him to stand up and go with him to the principal's or deans's office. Obviously he doesn't understand teenage boys. A possible case of abuse of authority and superior physical strength. I don't understand why the cop had to toss the boy around. The officer must be able to control his emotions, or he is in the wrong job. Or maybe he is in that job because he needs to get off on power. Having been a sub teacher for 10 years, I can readily understand his reaction, but do not condone it in the slightest. Seems there are grounds for suit here against him and the school. It really doesn't matter what the people look like, unless you judge by appearance which has no rational basis. People do have civil rights no matter how they may appear.

Stan @ 10/6/2011 9:30 PM

As usual we have a video and unclear or no confirmed information about the situation. Was the officer excessive, could have been. Again the story is one sided. The officer has been suspended, that tells us something but its still an incomplete account. Save your judgement and comments. Im sure if the officer was in the wrong the department will handle it accordingly.

Horace @ 10/13/2011 12:07 AM

Decisions based on THAT video? Please...

Once again, folks are jumping to conclusions based upon their personal biases. An idealistic punk kid, like him or not, will be an idealistic punk kid. Did he deserve the reactions seen by the officer? No telling, but, in the end, we must all act PROFESSIONALLY. It might appear, and I emphasize it appears, that the officer might have taken a different course, e.g., taking the kid outside and dealing with him there or calling for someone to be there if he felt it necessary to take physical enforcement action.

I'm disappointed in and my feelings about our educational system are reinforced by, the comments made by Maleman39. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, syntax... A TEACHER?? I'm thinking maybe he does know teenage boys better than the officer... hmmm???

Capt David @ 10/14/2011 3:02 PM

That video got tons of hits?? Don't really see anything wrong there from the 'cut' I saw.

James Fitzpatrick @ 10/19/2011 9:17 AM

Mom with Pink Hair, dork wearing stupid looking hat during interview. Fanoke with pierced lip and spoiled little brats trying to act like adults and failing misserably. My mom always said kids should be seen and not heard. Since when do a care what snot nosed little teenagers have to say. I applaude the police, who have to work with these little jackasses everyday and try to keep a lid on the B.S. going on.

Chris Young @ 10/24/2011 3:29 AM

How is the filmer's credentials of press affiliation verifed? Or is he fraudulently representing himself as the press?

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