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Chicago's Top Cop Calls Gun Laws Racist

While speaking at a local church, Chicago's new top cop called federal gun laws "government-sponsored racism," said he doesn't mind being unpopular with the NRA, and criticized Sarah Palin for hunting caribou.

June 24, 2011

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Paul @ 6/25/2011 10:52 AM

This the first time I have read a article that made me angre. For a cop to go this route. To me he is saying that black people can not own a gun and not murder someone. There are more gun owners who don't kill verses who do kill. There are plenty of black people who are police officers. Does he want them to be taken off the force because they carry guns. He is feedings to people fears. I pray he does not get confirmed or keep his position. I am going to do a lot of research and responed again. I just wanted to let people know that I for one do not agree. Never give in to fear. God Bless!

jmfixitman @ 6/27/2011 2:17 PM

What an absolute ignorant idiot! I have been a cop for 25 years and it makes me sick that someone like him is a top cop... If hes blaming guns he has no clue as to what causes crime and/or violence, black, white, brown or otherwise.

txlawman @ 6/27/2011 2:26 PM

Biggest idiot I've heard in a long time. In New York, until recently, it was against the law to even possess a gun in your home and they had over 2500 murders. When the federal government changed the law and gave citizens rights to own weapons in New York, the murder rate went down to less than 500; interesting! Can he explain that? Also, what does hunting have to do with a murder scene? Is he an animal activist for PETA also? He needs to take a reality check and do some research. Every where guns are outlawed crime goes up. Where citizens are given the constitutioal right to bear arms, crime goes down. Maybe he could be a stand up comic. Good luck to Chicago and the Thin Blue Line there; you have a real winner for Chief of Police. God Bless you each!

Kyle @ 6/27/2011 2:47 PM

If it were not Chicago, I would be amazed by this man's words. My brother is a retired cop from the UT Police force. Through his work I have know other cops, and most believe that the legal right to carry a gun is a good thing, but the illegal carry is bad, and illegal carry is going to happen one way or another. This man will get himself into trouble soon, I guarantee it. <><

Phil Klingensmith @ 6/27/2011 5:11 PM

This guy's not going to last. His image is a self-proclaimed shining star that could become a shooting star the burns up and evaporates. He's living in an ego-driven pipe dream and the good people of Chicago should pay very close attention to what he does and what he says.

emangata @ 7/1/2011 4:22 PM

Clue that he is clueless. He stated that he went to a shooting crime and had casing stuck in his shoes from walking on them???? Hmm did he not apply basic police skills learned in the academy on crime scene preservation. He sounds clueless about connecting the dots. Just because you can connect some dots, does not mean you can make a piece of art. It will be just a bunch jiberish on paper like what is coming out of his mouth.

Puckett_M @ 7/22/2011 3:26 PM

He is right but not the way he thinks. Gun Control laws are Rascist! Gun control originated in America after the Civil War to prevent newly-freed black slaves from obtaining firearms.

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