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TASER and Batons Used on Pirates Fan

Pittsburgh Police officers attempted to subdue a rowdy man at a Pirates game with a TASER, and then used baton strikes to bring him into custody. Read, "Pittsburgh Police Reviewing Force Used On Fan," for the full story.

April 12, 2011

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scpdblue @ 4/12/2011 4:22 PM

The head is a RED zone when it comes to using a baton.This should only be used when all other GREEN zone strikes,jabs,control techniques are used OR if the officer is being attack and is about to be over taken.. Thrusting jabs to the mid section,arm lock take downs with the baton along with strikes to the back of the legs should have been used. all down with verbal commands to comply should have been used. This scumbag is going to get paid. Just glad it wasnt a Bravo Mike who was struck,The NAACP,Nation of Islam,The rainbow Push Coalition (jesse jacksons meal ticket),al sharpton along with so called community leaders would have came out of the wood work.

Frank @ 4/12/2011 4:27 PM

Interesting that he did not respond to the Taser. Being a baton instructor I am not all that impressed with the strikes and the lack of followup control techniques. Looks like a training issue?? Obviously this short clip does not tell the entire store. Did they have access to pepper spray or was taser and the baton the only intermediate option?

Frank @ 4/12/2011 4:30 PM

I do agree with scpd on the "red" zone issue. Was there a justification to use deadly force in this situation? I do not however understand why scpd chooses to inject race into this situation when it is not part of the issue.

pdman @ 4/13/2011 1:18 AM

Once again a 30 second clip of a 5-10 minute incident. I am familiar with the incident and verbal commands were given to which you can see Mr. USA simply mocked the Officer. It was apperant by his mannerisms after he was failing to comply and a Taser failed, he was not going to comply once the Officer's went hands on (evidenced by when he actually grabbed the detectives baton). Why put yourself within his reach where he can get ahold of you. While the first strike was high, I see no other issue with the force. Once he complied and was on the ground the Officer's stopped. I can't wait for the useless Police CITIZENS Review boards decision. I capatalize CITIZENS because none of them have any idea about police work, nor have they ever spent one second on the street. They will probably watch the same 30 seconds that the media keeps replaying. Oddly enough, the guy who shot the video and saw the entire incident took the officers side and said it needed to be done and the guy was a continual problem with event staff and the Officer when he was in the stands. Bottom line... don't get all sauced up and assault people then challenge the police. We all know that on the street incidents are ALOT different than videos portray.

M.Conner @ 4/13/2011 6:53 AM

First strike was definetly high. But I was not there and defer to the officers that were. As stated, a 50 second clip does not tell the whole story. If Mr.USA failed to comply in a timely fashion{immediately}with the verbal commands of the officer then he chose to get what he got. If on the otherhand he was not given enough time{immediately} to obey the verbal commands and then struck agreed to high. Mr.USA will get paid. I prefer to have my commands acknowledged, via doing what I ask immediately. If not, your are not in compliance and I take the next step.

Capt David @ 4/19/2011 9:41 AM

whip his ass..

Boyce G @ 6/4/2011 12:14 AM

I get a birds eye view in reading the comments of all these HIRED THUGS. What is amazing is the emotional rage they spew. I was under the impression there were tests to weed out these emotionally out of control thugs BEFORE they gave them a badge and a gun. Where have I heard some of their observations before? Hmmm. I remember now, "You VILL obey my commands!" Out of control Power freaks. Mr. "SCPDBLUE" should have a badge & a gun? I would rather take MY chances with the crooks!

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